Young Man Killed By Avenging Cultists In Delta State

So miserable!!! Cultists hack youngster to death in Delta State.

A youngster recognized as Tega was mercilessly hacked to death by cultists in Sapele, Delta State on Thursday.

The matchless quality fight began when a religion head requested money from an opponent faction part in what they alluded to as ‘security cash. What’s more, when the adversary religion part would not pay, he was severely wounded and that enraged individuals from his clique bunch who assaulted in counter.

As indicated by reports, the expired was pursued from the New Road territory of the town to Irato Road, before they at last found him and assaulted him.

252 thoughts on “Young Man Killed By Avenging Cultists In Delta State

  1. This is exactly of joining bad gang try telling them they won’t listen, Parents should watch their children steps and t
    Know the mingle with.

  2. When u advise them not to join cult they will turn u to num one enemy…….d power they seek has landed them to early grave
    Rest in peace

  3. I don’t know what they stand to gain in cultism, instead of focusing on their education, he has caused a great loss for his family. May his soul rest in peace

  4. Becoming a cultists always lead to one direction which is death ,no benefits ,just for hyping purposes which in return makes no sense ,shun cultism totally among men and individuals in the society.

  5. There is no gain in joining bad gang. Let’s live a good life and be less conscious of say them want to come and attack me. That’s not life

  6. Hmm playing with your life just because you want to belong and you need protections.. Hmm what protection do u need apart from GOD protection…

  7. This is so so bad, I just don’t no d excess of joining this so called cultism, imagine this young boy that his life has been cut short and leaving the mother in dilema? May his soul rest in peace and the Lord should console d mother

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