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We have always stated clearly the any business that doesn’t have a product or service to offer is nothing but a well decorated scam. We never wanted to call names but we think it imperative do so now as to educate you well on how this business works so that you do not fall prey to such scammers.
The following businesses are strong and pure networking with either product or service to offer:
1. Longrich
2. Alliance in Motion Global AIM GLOBAL)
3. Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP)
4. Oriflame



Now let us talk a bit about these businesses above
1. Longrich have product (tea, utensils, etc).
2. AIM GLOBAL have product (majorly supplements: Alkaline coffee, C247, etc).
3. RAGP have services (Airtime, data, Cable Tv Subscriptions, etc).
4. Oriflame have products (majorly Skin and Beauty, etc).


Note: these aforementioned Networking businesses are registered and have offices all over Nigeria which mean to say that they are very legitimate and trusted because our government knows about it well and have laws guiding their business.



Now, check out these businesses without any product or service
1. Crypto currency
i. Bitcoin
ii. Ethereum
iii. Smart Contracts
a. XOXO Network
Every other coin family business
2. Reading news platforms
3. Money Doubling Scheme
i. MMM
ii. Loom
iii. Bring 5k and get 1million
And lots more…
Now, let’s talk briefly about these businesses
1. Crypto Currency
i. Bitcoin
This is a legal tender in some countries already and we did like you to know that this particular currency is used for business such as Forex Trading, etc and such business is in two ways either you lose out entirely including all your money or you gain.
Before you venture into the above you need series of training and something you just wake up and start because even professionals at it loses a lot of money in this business.
We can categorically tell you that this particular business is full of scam and so many social media platforms are now marking them out as such because it is what it is. See below


ii. Ethereum
This is the trending business and many persons are joining ignorantly because they do not understand how this things work. But we will explain it here
Now, they will come tell you the following:
That 1 Ethereum is 100k+
You can earn without referrals
You invest and watch your money grow.
It makes mad sense and you need to join before the registration fee will increase.
We will give you down lines to help you grow.
We work as a team
And lots more…
Let’s discuss them briefly using these questions:
1 Ethereum is 100k+ now we want you to understand this before, you get this so called 1 Ethereum you might live your life, have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, grow old and probably die. Ask yourself these questions
Is this a legal tender? If yes, is it recognised in my country and am I in any protected by any law should things go wrong?
if it was that easy why haven’t any of the so called upline gotten it yet?
If one can earn without referrals why then are they telling you?
Invest money and watch it grow, oh! Money is now magical plant that you will plant and not work on it for it to grow abi?
Invest money and go and sleep and it will be growing, doesn’t this sounds and look like it’s elder brother Mr. MMM?
It makes mad sense abi, why haven’t they gone mad nah?
Registration fee increases with time, hope you have seen the instability of this business right?
We will give you down lines when you join but wait o, did they not say you can earn without referrals?
So why giving me down lines?
How many referrals are they will to give you and for how long?
The moment you join eh, your new name becomes OYO (On Your Own).
We work as a team right, please is it Liverpool or Arsenal because we don’t under it?.
Working as a team how do I grow?
They will tell you gradually like iroko tree right?
but in real sense those so called up lines are growing fast like grass.



Smart Contracts
From the name alone it is very clear that something is fishy with this business. We will be briefly discussing the trending two (2) businesses under this category which are as follows:
XOXO Network: This is a peer to peer, Ethereum based smart contract network residual earnings platform that requires minimal recruitment. It has some similarities with other programs based on Ethereum block chain technology, including Forsage. It is however unrelated to the Forsage Platform. Just 1 person and you’re qualified to earn in any part of XOXO program you choose.



Forsage: It is a Smart Contract which is Ethereum based. Recently, 1 Ethereum is 100k+. Imagine gathering 10 Ethereum. How much is that? On forsage, there are two accounts, the x3 and x4 which is referral and non referral respectively. You get paid with or without referral unlike the Million Money Smart Contract.
How do I earn on Forsage?

This is when you earn from bringing people into the system, you get a commission! It doesn’t end there. If the person you referred refers another person, upgrades or reinvests, you earn too! It’s like employing them to work for you. Cool right?




On X4, you can earn via 2 ways:


You can earn from the person who referred you. Wonderful right? When you have an hard working upline, you simply earn from him. The system automatically reshuffles your upline and you earn from different people!.



This is when you earn from the system when there is excess registration. You earn from people’s upgrades and reinvestments.
Now let’s ponder on these questions:
Smart Contract who is it smart for? You or them?
What is smart about the business?
You’ll gain from spill over from nowhere, did I hear correctly??
Where will the spill over come from??
Their village people’s registration right?
You can without referrals right?
But did you clearly see that from the explanation above you must bring person, so why do they llie to you?
Now look at this its peer to peer Abi? Isn’t there any similarities with money doubling here??
Remember MMM and other ponzi scheme, were they not peer to peer?
According to their explanation, have you ask yourself. Who is working for who?
You earn from your up line Abi, oya keep waiting o. The up line don’t need money Abi??
In fact he/she is working for you base on say na you be their God Abi?



Those persons who introduce it to you, they really don’t know much about it and after some have noticed they have entered one-chance they start looking for greedy persons like themselves to deceive into joining.
Let’s stop and allow you ponder on those questions above.

We have always advised that you stay away from reading news platform because in all totality it is not helping you in any way rather it is wasting precious time you can use to do better things. Now let’s be practical, they tell you come and read news and at the end of the month you get paid #30,000 haba!!! Please o this is a blatant lie from the pit of hell, no where on earth will you be paid such for reading news.

Now ponder on these questions below:
Have you seen those who read newspaper at newspaper stands being paid?
They even form National Assembly there and be arguing like their life depends on it, at the end of the day does it add 10 kobo to their pocket or does the newspaper vendor tell them una well done o make una share this 2k for the arguments?
Ever since you have been reading news upandan have it been added to your CV?
Or have you gotten an appointment letter from CNN, BBC, AIT, NTA, etc to come and start work?
What value has it added to my life?
Are you not tired or don’t you want to use your life and do better things?
Some platforms have about 500,000+ members and you are expecting them to pay every member 30k monthly, shebi they are now World Bank abi? Even our CBN cannot pay kobo.
Wait oo!! Hope you know you are doing nothing for them by reading news and you want payment, they now a charity organization or philanthropist abi?



a. MMM: We don’t need to stress these as we all are aware of it.
b. Loom: This one trended sometime ago and they will tell you things like
Invest 2k and get 16k in 8 hours
Invest 4k and get 32k in 8 hours.
We hail them ooo… money farmers and father Christmas of investments


Now ask yourselves these questions:


What if invest and boom they disappear?
Do they have any office?
Is this business registered?
What if I pay and others refused to pay nko?



This is the trending money doublers and they scattered everywhere like covid-19. This set of business is really funny o, how on earth do you want to get 1 million with 5k within hours? Shebi they will go and rob World Bank, IMF and CBN to pay you abi?
In fact we likened this to the popular online betting sites, you see people placing bet of #100 to win #20million.
We laugh in indaboski and Bahose at this kind of mentality, set awon faith can move mountains una Weldon o… Continue God no go shame una but devil go dey use una wella.
The most funny thing is this gang do not have any site nor office they only operate on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc).

Note: This gang can only attract those with greed and get-rich-quick people.



Now that we have pretty much enlightened you about these businesses, let us quickly give you some differences and similarities between the pure, strong and recognised under law networking and the others
Pure, strong and recognised
I. Have a product or service(s)
ii. Duly registered under CAC
iii. Deals on essential needs to humanity.
iv. Have offices all over the country.
v. Owners are known and easily identified.
You can file a suit against them if they contravene your contract with them.
Promises you wealth with a well developed realistic compensation plan only if you can do it.
Human empowerment and financial freedom
You can achieve something even when doing it alone and lots more…
i. No product or service offered
ii. Not registered under anywhere
iv. Deals on self aggrandizement only
v. No office or site or platform anywhere
vi. Owner of such business is never known by anyone involved in it.
They are not legal entities, so how do you file a suit against a non existing person.
Promises more wealth with plans that are not realistic in a way.
v. Deceiving and cunning in dealings with participants
Without a team you are totally doomed and left for dead and lots more…
a. Both requires a network of people to succeed, hence the name Networking.
b. Requires considerable huge start up capital to some persons.
c. You are solely responsible for your own success.
d. You must be good in convincing more like even convincing the devil to repent.
e. You are totally dropped off the moment you are no longer productive.
And lots more.


Note: Here at TMC we offer products and lots of services and we are poised to building you to become a champion in your business and also help you grow in life through our programs [Affiliate, Training, VTU, Entertainment and Empowerment (Loan Scheme)] and you think we are not doing enough already right?.
Well we will keep doing that which we see right and growth inciting because we believe that some members do appreciate our efforts and have been blessed already and also we understand that in every 12 there must be a Judas because even our Saviour Jesus Christ did had one but our advice and prayers for you is that God will open your eyes and mind to see clear and genuine opportunities and free you from every form of greed and selfishness.
You that cannot refer anyone to TMC to register with #1,600 because you are not good in talking to people abi and you want to go into networking. No wahala o we wish you all the best before you will say we don’t want your progress but know that you will meet the Great grandfather of referring there and we hope at that time you will have mouth to talk o.


PS: We are in no way recommending any of the above mentioned businesses to any member but using them as example to explain our points and also provide you with information with which you can make good and quality decisions in terms of investment.


A word is enough for the wise.
He who have ears, let him hear.
Use your tongue to count your teeth


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. This whole is just somewhat systems, down lines nko, but though am grateful u just opened by eyes to Ethereum that I have thought and thought and said na wa ooo
    Na so money easy reach, thanks

  2. Let those who have ears hear this now. Don’t be in a hurry to make cool cash. Millionaires don’t make it in a day,in a week or in a month.

  3. Thanks a lot for this information I have been receiving different messages about such kind of get rich quick scheme lately…. May God help us. Amen

  4. This is just the real truth.
    . We need to use our head so that they won’t stop scamming us in this country
    , money doesn’t come so easily you work for it

  5. Just tell me why God will not bless Mr Abisola Samuel and his team for their great work to see to the growth of our people.

    May your oil never run dry! Amen.

  6. The scripture says “by their fruit we shall know them” not surprise at all, thank God we fish them out…anyone that want to do dubious business… should Gera ra here!!!!

  7. Fantabulous
    This is mind blowing
    Common sense is indeed applicable in our activities
    But the common sense is not common because you can have it by being educated or not

  8. Thanks for updating GOd bless you I am interested in those businesses but I lack capital.please help GOd bless you more anointing in Jesus mighty name amen.

  9. The scripture says “by their fruit we shall know them” not surprise at all, thank God we fish them out…anyone that want to do dubious business…

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