Work And Pray

Hi TMCites

how you doing ?

We are the mood of prayer and our fasting and prayers ending today.


Are you just at home praying without doing nothing ??
oh common dear…..

Wake up, prayers is just to support our work and make us special among other.

If you pray and you don’t work, hi dear

You are just  wasting your time.

let me use this opportunity to address this issue again.

You want to be a CEO’s and you don’t want to work ??
there is a place called free town city in South Africa but you will still pay for anything you purchase.

Means that you must do something..

A lot of members got their  goods from China this week and more still coming by is Grace through themainceos, Chick here for testimony 


those that don’t have enough capital..

what are they doing ??
they keep referring  theirs friends and getting paid weekly….

some people are teaching our training on what we taught them.

A guy called me yesterday and he said he taught 15 people on mini importation and they all paid #1500

just calculate it and see how much he earned from themainceos..


A lot of members are making money from our VTu business daily Incase you are not aware, go and register on and start trading.

we taught you guys  graphic design, use that to create a logo and banner for your self and start immediately.

there is a lady, she kept doing banner for people and making her money and so on

And so on

those that have 12k even 10k, there are a lot of opportunities we gave you guys to start with.

for example

I have a lot of people  I mentor on business.

there are 3 set of ladies

what they does is

I told them, you can buy plains tees 1 dozen and sell it at rate of  #1500

means that , they earn #500 per one on any plain tees they sold.

This one of them, this is the 4th times they are ordering, means that , they are selling and making money…

what are you doing ??

some people are in group chat thinking on what and what to buy and start selling

What are you doing??


We gave our loans to 5 members last month, #50,000 each without no interest and we are planning to give more on the next coming batch

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why are you sending me message about activities points, someone paid, she want to withdraw the points and she has 500points and you want to withdraw??
what do we told you about points??
before you chat me or anyone the customer care about activities points, read learn more 

And I also told you the usefulness of the activities earning points, click here to learn more

I once those that , the activities points is a bonus for all members, click here in the explanation on payment 

We pay no referral, yes

I’m proud to say that , go and check the Facebook group chat, click here  


you are not to chat anybody’s about activities points, just he updates, that all

Some people saying, business and Training is not for them.. ha stop saying that’s

We presents TMC got talent


Will you now say, talent is not for you ??

The budget is almost 100k

and you keep disturbing people on activities points !

i am happy to announce this , NO activities points this month for Anybody!

now , participate in the got talent, if you can’t sing or dance or do comedy, go for face of TMC, just upload and let all your friends and family to vote for you..
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you must do something

Now about the viral share.

our beautiful loyal family members are sharing it.

someone has earn over 50k for sharing viral share, how ?

remember that .when you share viral share on the Facebook and it you that they will chat to register under not under themainceos

remember, registration fees is #1600 and referral bonus is #1020..

means that the person that refereed you got paid of 1020…

how much do it belong to us ??
Someone will be saying we are making money on the site , how ??
We taught you websites creation right? and we taught you way to make money on websites, the most popular one is what ??

ADS most especially Google ads, can you find google ads on themainceos site ???

we want you to make use of your time and be your own, we are planing to make sure you don’t depend on anybody ..

remember, we continue giving you ways on how to make money and it’s left for you to grab the one you can handle and take it to the highest stage.


before you start joining different platform To read news and get paid 30k monthly which is not possible.. check this out

We are the one number and no body can replace it.



Those that understand themainceos are making money daily..


let me rest here and everyone don’t forget


Happy money making and I love you all

270 thoughts on “Work And Pray

  1. Work is not actually the only thing we needed in life or in our journey here but also prayer is very essential all the time. Thanks to themainceimos…kudos to us.

  2. Quiet important, our key to success is prayer… Like the adage says :- pray now, so that you won’t pray later when it too late…. One love TMC4LIFE

  3. Prayer is the key and prayers is the master key but without hard work, that prayer might not be answered. Don’t just sit there and say I’m praying, work hard too.

  4. u know what,am not actually interested in the money given through activities point,cos what am learning here in this platform is really educating and inspiring,
    Thank you TMC for this, especially during this period of no school,am learning alot

  5. Nothing is free in Freetown, please youth wake up from your sleep and start something new with your life stop living by people’s pocket ,if they give to you ,you don’t have ,you to give to people and receive the blessing, learn a skill ana establish your self add value to your life by joining the tmc

  6. This platform can’t seems to stop amazing me, they teach u everything u need to know and do for u to be successful, God bless u all, more grace and strength

  7. When you work and play you generate more wisdom from above.May God grant each and everyone of us more wisdom to function in our daily activities and endeavors in Jesus mighty name Amen

  8. In everything you do, you must first pray, because prayer is the master key to every successful after that you work hard to support your prayer, which makes a successful bussiness

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