Good day TMCites



We believe you did enjoy your day


We did more than enjoyed our day and we also learnt something new today again from our facilitator Mr. Lukmon Ogunyemi on the ongoing training.



Today was more insightful on what was discussed yesterday, which shed more light and created a more clear picture of the things which were quite not comprehensive after last class.



If you’re not following then you’re really missing a whole lot already. We appreciate those who are making a point of duty to attend training, keep up the good work.



Highlights from class today





See you tomorrow!!!
Time: 4PM

102 thoughts on “WHY IMPORTATION (DAY 3) REPORT

  1. Am happy am a partispated and am benefiting from this platform My spirit soul and body staying tuned to enjoying myself I don’t want to miss out Kudos to TMC and all the Resource persons here

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