Dear Students,
School will soon finish. School go soon end. School will soon become history.
That bliss of eventually dumping early morning classes, quiz, boring lectures, school stress, exam wahala for good. Your total freedom given to you on a piece of paper. School lectures becomes a thing of the past. You can travel anytime, anywhere without fear of important lectures, quiz and exams. No more fear of lecturers, exam invigilators, HOD, VC or Rector in school breathing down your neck because you didn’t do well in your courses.
None of that at all. You are finally a free human. You have successfully crossed over to phase of life… Congratulations!!!
But wait!
After a month or two. The bliss that came with your eventual freedom starts to fade. It starts with:
BOREDOM: You are always bored because you have nothing tangible to do aside pressing your phone, watching t.v. and hanging out with your friends who are equally bored. Later, you start feeling empty. What can you use to fill that emptiness you feel? You don’t know because you are too scared to even know. You want to be responsible but you are also scared of being responsible.
This continues in a monotone until your parents or a nosy neighbour or relative starts asking what is next after your school year?
‘Kelechi so what is next now?’
‘My daughter is currently running a professional course. What about you?’


FRUSTRATION: Your frustration starts when suddenly all your acquaintances start winning. Getting engaged, getting married, enrolling for a higher degree or Diploma programs, securing a job in a well meaning firm or company or traveling overseas on scholarship, becoming a celebrity while you are there with your phone in hand following up on everything on their social media pages and waiting for giveaways.
THE BLAME GAME: You start reconsidering your life choices. You blame your destiny. You blame your performance in school, You blame your skin tone, You blame the colour of your teeth. You blame AIRTEL or MTN or Snail network (Glo) or even the other confused network (9mobile), You blame yourself. You blame the shoe maker. You blame the government, you blame the economy, you blame your village people. You blame everything for your woes.
NAGGING FROM PARENTS: Then your parents start their own, by getting pissed at every little thing you do.
‘Es, please the way you are drinking that juice is disturbing my ear.’
‘How will you know Tinubu is contesting for president when you don’t go out to work?’
‘The price of tomato paste has increased but you can’t know that. Since you are not buying it.’
‘You will just be there sleeping and eating. You don’t have shame?’
Yeah… I know the feeling here.


DISAPPOINTMENTS: You decided to call your dad’s or mum’s brother or sister after much insults. He/she always drummed it in your ears that he/she can find something for you after school. You called him/her and told him. He/she told you to come see him. You go and he/she told you to wait. You waited for hours then he/she told you to go home and come back. You returned the next day and waited for hours. He/she told you to go home and come back the next day. You returned the next day… After an endless circle of excuses and bush beating. You realize your uncle or aunt never had anything for you. You cursed your luck and returned home dejected. You tried applying for some jobs by yourself to have something doing but because you were dependent so much on your uncle you lost out on getting a considerably fair job and now it requires you have long legs or connection to get you a job.


LOITERING: Then you start spending your days at the bet 9ja or barber’s shop or the stall down the street. You go there to sit around 10am in the morning. Return home around 3pm. Stroll out around 5pm. Return finally around 8pm. You do anything. Anything not to be in your parents faces.
How you peep to confirm your parents are not around before sneaking inside the house.
Frustration made you contemplate Yahoo, engaging in online scam, being a runs babe. But home training keeps holding you back.


DEPRESSION: Months of being utterly jobless took it toll on you, you feel useless. Having to beg your siblings or friends for petty cash, made you feel worthless. The side eyes your parents give you anytime you go out, eat, change the television or press phone made you feel unwanted. Come to think of it even your bae or boo has been acting up because you just don’t have an answer whenever bae or boo asks ‘what’s the plan now?’
You feel hopeless.
When you came to the realization that you just can’t get a job no matter what. You decide to go and learn tailoring/graphics/automobile work just to keep yourself busy.

You!, a graduate of Civil Engineering hoping to get a job or even interim at the Julius Berger or RCC or SCC Construction company

A graduate of Medicine and Surgery. Who was hoping to get a job or interim at National Hospital Abuja or a Big Hospital.
With your big big dreams.
You thought everything will be easy after school maybe just because of how smart or intelligent you are at academics. Alas! It wasn’t.
PS – Dear students, have a plan. Any plan before graduating from School. Do not think things will fall into place after school year.
Post school depression is real but you can always avoid being a victim. By having a plan!
Your time starts now.
Let’s help ourselves
The only antidote to depression is Purpose.
James Hilary Chukwuemeka: Have a Realistic plan and follow it with determination, passion and commitment.


  1. Yea,thats true,its part of experience though so you can have a whole bundle of stories to tell,i hope we are able to tell a good stories about ourselves

  2. Not everyone stands to be in suite, even at that something different wikl be required of you to consider you as staff in any organization. Not to just earn salaries alone and pack files. What other skilful stuff can you add to promote the organization?

    This question should be everyone’s drive as you are about entering or leaving school.

    Nice update …

  3. ” ps– Dear students, have a plan. Any plan before graduating from School. Do not think things will fall into place after school year.”
    Thanks for the advice its really helpful

  4. Exactly school is a stage that comes and go… It is the learning stage of someone’s life even though literally we learn continuously everyday and earn… How I love Tmc you guys are too much.

  5. Whaoooooooo, very enlightening. Let start from somewhere now, it’s never too late. Depression is real and don’t get depressed before you do something reasonable with your life.

  6. Yea,thats true,its part of experience though so you can have a whole bundle of stories to tell,i hope we are able to tell a good stories about ourselves

  7. It happens in every phase of life. When you were used to doing something for a very long time,and then get out of the routine you’re happy for a while, and then you start wondering what next.

  8. This is true. Even if you only just graduated from high school, a lot would be expected from you
    It’s better we all learn a skill when we are still young

  9. Thanks for the educative information. Truly our education doesn’t teach how to make money, they only teach you how to earn a certificate.

  10. What a good write up … Hummmm…what can we do or say ?.we just have to keep struggling, keep risking our life so as to survive….we just pray God crown our efforts.

  11. Our educational sector didn’t teach us the nitty gritty of life we were just be exposed only to curriculum not furnish us about how to make money and build Wealth..but with the help of TMC..we are good to go..

  12. Thank you tmc for your inspiring words,school is very important, but we should not depend on our certificate , we have to put our skill to work

  13. Thank to hear this. So many people are just try to enter school. We have forgot about our country condition. What I know is dat u must have handwork.

  14. Thanks for this great speech, how I wish every Nigeria youth can see these so that we can work on our selves, cos if u fail to plan, u are eventually planning to fail

  15. Thanks for this information. Let learn and help our children life. If you don’t want your to tell you where are you when your mate are out there busy making it.

  16. Wow, sure, very much risky to be poor, poverty is a disease, a deadly one indeed, please let’s work hard to make it in life for a better and wonderful future ahead of us.

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