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Behold one of our very own is a participant in an ongoing writing competition and we thought is will be very great if we can all show our support and love towards her and ensure the prize comes home.



About the competition and participant
Name: Writing Challenge
Host: OPEN (Online Publishers & Entrepreneurs Network)



Name: Eden Chude
State of Origin: Anambra
Hobbies: Writing, Music, etc.
A message from the participant



Hello friends, I am taking part in a 28 Days Writing Challenge in the Online Publishers and Entrepreneurs Network Facebook Group. It begins on the 3rd of November and I’d love for you to come support me in my posts in line with the guidelines for engagement in the group.




Note: Read the rules and guidelines for the challenge in the pinned post on the group. It’s the first post you see by Edirin Edewor at the top of the group.


Sample of the post






Voting Link
Please join the group here:




Voting system
You’re expected to engage on her post either like, comment or both.





Voting time frame
Starts: 3rd November, 2020
Ends: 31st November, 2020




PS: We will love you to engage in her post daily to ensure her chances of winning is high.




Thank you!

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