Uses Of Activities points from TMC

Hi There

how you doing ?


A lot of questions been received on activities points

what can you do with the points ?

1) For advert

yes , you can use your points for advert which will start as from next month

any products you have or selling and you wish to make it goes viral

you can make use of your  points  and see how you will make sales massively  from TMC but term and condition apply .


2) convert it to E-Pin  and register your friends and family for free!


This is in two way

1) you can collect the 1600 from the persons and use it to buy coke for you self and register the person with your points

2) register it for them for free by using your points

the choice is yours

How can you do that

Send the following details to the our email (

  1. Details of the prospect as follows:

First name

Last name


Phone number

Email address


2. Details of the upline as follows:


Current TMC points

Current Dashboard…

that all for that, it’s 8,000 points  and u are not get the referral bonus because you are expected to collect the money from the persons you want to register.


note before you register someone with your points, you need to have minimum of 20000 points before you are eligible to start using the offer and you can only do that twice in a month..

happy money making.

click here and see how people are making money using points 


3) withdraw it to you bank account!


its a bonus we share among members by end of the month

Before on the 29th of each months

Announcements will be made and you guys should ready to make withdraw


who and who will get can this bonus??

1) people that share viral share

2) people that make reasonable comments

3). People that do follow up in the Traning group chat because the day to make withdraw

4) you must meet up to the points to make withdraw

before you go forward check here to here about TMC well 


we are going to ask you some questions.



TMC is here to tell you the truth and open you eyes

the withdraw base on first come and first serve ..

You can’t join us on the 16th or 20th of a month and u want to collect for that same month bonus

its not possible

what about people that join on the 1st to on the 15th?

let reason together and make a better change….

those that make withdraw for last month,

congrats but some of you made a lot of mistakes but let see how we going to sort it out !

Before you complain about activates points payment which we told you it is bonus for members

registration fee is #1600

the person that referred you to come and make it got paid of #1120

those people selling pins to you have commission of #100 making total of #1220

now #1600 -1220 is what ??

think about…..


This Traning coming up 👇👇👇👇


Use this Traning to get your self referral and make money for you self !

before you complain or talk anything, read the announcements Please.


Earn while learning.

Giveaway is for everyone!

521 thoughts on “Uses Of Activities points from TMC

  1. Wow wow wow so beautiful
    So damn nice … Good of TMC to always give vital/important infomation of the happening in the world thanks for everything

  2. This post is great..
    I have for a while now been in dire need of posts as such, in order to know more about the activity earnings..
    Thank you TMC..

  3. It’s been a great thing for me to be here. I see it like an opportunity ceased to make money through my phone. Big wow platform, big thanks CEO.

  4. I mean, this platform isn’t created for a selfish reasons. Kudos to TMC for trying so hard to make the society a better place to inhabit.

  5. this is another good point, I think as a good CEO it will be good if u help others to start up something for themselves because it is a good way of creating future partners, those you can walk up to in the future and they will be willing to help u because of the help u have rendered to them before

  6. its not that u are going to leave the money for the person you are registering for, the person will still refund the money back to u so I guess this is a wonderful idea

  7. As a CEO u have to have it in mind that u are a leader and leaders make others leaders and leaders are always ready to take risk just to empower others

  8. Okay hey I understand TMC are trying their best but I’ve not been able to see any training yet and I’ve joined for over a week now please if there’s anyway someone can help me I’ve already joined the telegram group but still I don’t understand what’s going on there

  9. I’ve never regretted joining this platform. Thank you for breaking this down because I’ve had come persons asking some questions and also wanting to withdraw when they have no affiliate or even made up to a reasonable tmc point for withdrawal. God bless themainceos

  10. Thanks for the encouragement ,thank for the training,have learnt a lot , my Data business is booming all thanks to TMC, I really appreciate all ,may God continue to bless you, Happy Money Making

  11. Good one, themainceos has given us a lot of privilege to become our own ceos is now left for us to make our choice,
    As for me am in already.

  12. As per the referrals, I am not having any for now, but a friend of mine who is thinking of coming into town main CEO, but has no money.

  13. I am also a living testimony of the third paragraph of the screenshot. But I won’t mention names so as not to think of blaspheming.

  14. So funny and hillarious, since I joined and after reading and writing if articles, you can imagine, I just earned #527,since March.

  15. Additionally, I read there would be a platform of advertisement for each member of the main CEOs, I wilbbe glad if that is brought to see the light of the day. I have products and services to advertise.

  16. This is the best platform I’ve ever seen. Not only you earn rather you learn a skill that will get you out of the rat race. Thanks TMC for this opportunity.

  17. Of a truth, no where on planet earth as said you can see this type of platform. Thanks for making all doors open to make money for capital. Indeed it is a platform to earn while learning.

  18. Lilian Ozonuwe says:
    May 6, 2020 at 1:08 pm
    Thank u so much TMC for showing us the way..and breaking everything down to everyone’s knowledge. We are greatful ooo

  19. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

  20. Okay am gradually getting how to go about converting my points to Epin for people who need it, someone recently ask me how to buy an epin for her friend and because am new here i couldn’t do it for her other than asking her to come buy on the site atleast she did it successfully, I know before end of this month I would have learnt a lot already in this platform

  21. Well, I also didn’t just sign up on this site because of the earnings the person who made me register gave me reasons to join knowing that I am a Blogger so she felt here is the right place to write or advertise and still earn money for data, thanks Tina this is really helpful

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