Good morning dear Valued Member,


We are displeased by the conduct of some of our members on TMC and we want to use this medium to reiterate that members should always read announcement and follow the instructions prescribed in such announcement on how to go about solving any issue they might be encountering.


We also want to remind you that the Customer Care is here to assist you in the best way possible and will continue doing the needful to carryout their duties.


As a member you have the right to be served well but on occasion of misconduct and impoliteness on your part, you’re no more entitled to quality service; so we plead with you to call or WhatsApp the customer in a well mannered way to ensure you are attended to because we have heard several complaints from our customer care representatives that some members actually do insult and use fowl languages on them.


Note: Once you contact the customer care and submit your complaints, allow them to work on your complaints and not messaging them continuously as it will slows down the process and also not they are attending to a lot of members not just you alone, you will be notified when your issue is resolved.


Thanks for your understanding.


We also want to announce that the official time to contact the customer care representatives is as follows:

Monday – Saturday (9am – 6pm)

Sunday (11:00 – 6:00pm)


Warning: Submission of false information or complaints to the customer care representatives with regards to your issue, will be punished by immediate account termination. Please be guided accordingly.


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC

Through: Customer Care TMC


451 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. Thanks for the update but pls if you are seeing this, termination of acct can inflate a lot on the user. Try to consider giving second chance to such attitude. The user sometimes might be ignorant of what he or she is complaining on.


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    May 8, 2020 at 3:23 pm
    Thanks for this vital information, kudos to TMC.

  3. TMC is really doing well for an organization of a month old. We should understand this and not think we are dealing with machines. It is appalling that some members don’t see the goodness here that is given on a platter of gold and yet misbehave. We are all here for the money making process and wisdom. Let’s adhere strictly and accord ourselves due respect. Because they are referred to as the Customer Care does not give us the excuse to insult them, they are not our network service providers. Haba.
    None of us would be here if we were financially free na.
    Just my take on the issue.
    Long live TMC for us all!

  4. Thanks so much for update may God bless you themainceos. TMC y tigbogbo was in ko ma gbodo baje eje ka fowo sowopo ka fi inmon sokan gbe ke e mi gbe

  5. What I have to say is that people should learn good manners and also it will not kill you if you read the annocement on this platform. It has been helping others and still helping many to know the right step and right thing to do. Thanks.

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