Update from TMC

Hi CEO’s

we thank God for the month of April and all thanks to everyone that build a trust in us….


In the month of April alone we successfully paid out over 3.3millionaire and we are paying some this week and with giveaways coming up …


Go and check our Facebook group chat for more update on payment proof …


most of our  people with issues, I guess we have sorted it all and our missing activities  earning will be updated to everyone account on monday and make sure you login on that and post viral share…..

our mini importation Training was very much okey and I guess we don’t have any issue with that again….


we have a lot of testimony and u can check our TMC Masterclass and check it out


Concerning the giveaway, starting by 10 to 11am on Monday

please everyone to join the telegram group chat for Training  and start building on your future…


Next Secret pro is coming up next week

use this new training to get yourself referrals save to start up business




please, stop mis-using the customer aspect  and before you call, check everything about TMC then call…..


may activates earners get ready and pleases read the term and condition and its a bonus for us  but make sure you share viral share


advert advert advert

all our business men and women business will be promoted and make sure you keep your points and get ready…..



happy money making.



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  1. We love you TMC
    Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info. Keep up the good work.

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