Update From TMC

Hi CEO’s

We have successful paid over #400,000 today and we still on it

we discovered some members are saving and I’m proud of you guys ….


Affiliate payment is weekly while the bonus is end of the month and in the next two months we might cancel the Bonus and started giving out loans to help existing business and establish some set of people in

1) importing business

2) fabric business

3) or any business you have in mind but you have to give us your business plans.

now start thinking of business to do but keep your points oh



Please, I know you can refer a lot and I know you can make at least 30k weekly but carry your downlines along

teach them  on how to get referral




Dont tell me you can’t get referral

there are lot of ways you can get referral and make money by referring your  friends and family…

see ehn

we have a lot to offer you , we are here


We  are here to make use of your time well online for you….



Please everyone to please open a twitter account, follow us @themainceos and anything you do

just tag us

just imagine you did a fine logo and everyone with TMC retweet your post

just imagine how much sales you will get ..


There are different competition that will start soon

get read


you has any competition opportunity around you

go for it and inform us

we going to vote and support you but make sure your keep your activities points oh

you must winner

people going for BB Naija this year

do not worry but refer your friends and family here and make sure you keep your points

you must win

Start building your brand now !!!!!



Let celebrate  our winner for today 

I’m proud of you guys…

next training

get ready for it




436 thoughts on “Update From TMC

  1. We will surely like it to find another way dat we also earn for me I can’t earn and I Havnt cos I hav gttn no 1 to register I gttn no body to refer dis getting me sad seriously

  2. Congratulations to the winners, I will suggest you should not stop the monthly earners moving to loans, add loans and maintain the monthly earners at the same time as it pays the board. It is important. Not for me, o do refer but for other users.

  3. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

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