Guys with girlfriends or men with wives always know that she made the decision to love, date or marry you, do not let her regret making such decision because you never knew how many guys or men she did turn down just because of You. Below are some things you need to know about women
1. Women fall in love through a man’s words, they stay in love because of his actions.
2. They find it a turn off when a strange man uses intimate names like “Dear”, “Sweetheart”, “Love” on them. He might think saying so impresses her, but to her she finds it cheap, that he uses those intimate names on any random lady.
3. Before you tell her “I love you”, be sure you know the meaning, depth, weight and responsibility of those words.
4. She loves to be slowly unveiled, don’t push or rush her.
5. Even though her heart believes in love, she needs convincing as to why she should love. It is up to you to call her heart out from hiding.
6. Awaken love in her only if you are serious.
7. Honesty is key, tell her the truth no matter how painful or difficult it is to bear, she will love and trust you more for it.
8. Women think of sex too, but it is a side of her preserved for her special man.
9. Women love attention, the moment she notices you don’t give her attention, she reads that as things falling apart between you two.
10. The best gift you can give a woman is your time. You can buy expensive gifts but if you rob her you, the expensive gifts mean little to her. Her indicator of love is your time.
11. Every woman wishes her man would confide in her but often women find men to be guarded and she feels helpless on how to get to him. Share with her your troubles, fears and hopes; she wants you to need her.
12. There is a difference between love and being in love. Loving you is her personal choice, being in love with you is dependent on how good you treat her and excite her.
13. When you keep secrets you make her insecure. The easiest way to make her feel safe and secure is by empowering her with information. Let her know your friends, your schedule for the day, alert her when you will be busy and not able to talk or meet and she will understand.
14. It is one thing to say you love her, it is another thing to make her feel loved. Too many men claim to love their women but their women don’t feel loved. As the saying goes “Justice must not only be done, justice must be seen to be done”, in the same way, do things that make her feel loved.
15. It is your duty to make her feel sexy by how you desire her. She feels sexy when you are hungry for her, when you look at her and how you talk to her. If she doesn’t feel sexy, you have failed.
16. Women make love with their heart, treat her heart well and your marriage will have an exciting sex life. She is eager to drive you crazy. Treat her well outside the bedroom and in the bedroom she’ll be on fire.
17. It will hurt her if she receives more compliments, admiration and respect from other men than she does from you.
18. Outside the house, she will dress in a sexy and beautiful way, not because she wants the attention of other men but because you make her feel sexy and beautiful.
19. An insecure man is a turn off. She is with you and no one else. Relax; other men want her from a distance but you have her up close and personal for life.
20. A faithful and confident man is very attractive.
21. Not every woman is the same. Know your woman, don’t think she is like your ex, a celebrity, the stuff you read in magazines and blogs, or what you see in movies.
22. Sometimes all a woman needs is you to listen. She will open up to you, not because she wants you to give her direction and advise but so that she can vent. You don’t always have to have answers for everything, just listen.
23. If you break up with her tell her why. Women love closure, don’t just disappear.
24. A woman loves with her all, and before her relationship/marriage to the man she loves ends, she will give her all. Fight for your love with her, she can’t salvage the love alone.
25. Many times she has been unappreciated and suppressed. As a man, do the opposite, appreciate her efforts, support her and build her.
26. Don’t change for the worse from the good man she fell in love with. Consistency is very important to her.
27. Just a simple and short phone call from her man to check up on her or tell her he loves her makes her smile all day. She never gets tired of hearing “I love you” from the man she loves.
28. Women are generally calm, loving and peaceful; they get defensive, combative and bitter when pushed to the wall and betrayed. Don’t cause her to be defensive, combative and bitter.
29. If perhaps her ex taught her pain, it is your role to make her unlearn old lessons and teach her love.
30. Eye contact and physical touch makes her feel special. Don’t rob her these.
31. Love her in public the same way you love her in private.
32. Being loved by a woman is a blessing, she will come into a man’s life and bring increase, favour, beauty and life transformation; only if you treat her right.
I stand for treating Women right!
I stand against Rape!
I stand against Sexual Harassment!
I stand against marginalization of the girl child!
I stand against Domestic Violence against women!
James Hilary Chukwuemeka:
We all have sisters and I strongly believe no one wants to see his or her sister treated badly no matter the circumstances surrounding the situation…
Make that stand today and treat every girl child next to you with respect, fairness, kindness and equity because they deserve a decent life and sense of belonging.


    1. In fact those people deserve real punishment that will serve as a lesson to others for them to know the implication of what they are doing

  1. Woman are precious and a rare gem. They are to be treated like an egg. If you truly love a woman and care for her, you will get the best out of her. I stand against rape.

  2. Women fall in love through a man’s words, they stay in love because of his actions……. Treat us right,let ur actions do the talking

  3. Wow like seriously this is what is lacking in my relationship, I always get issues in my relationship but with this advice I will change my ways.

  4. TMC u are d best.u touch every aspect of life and I’m happy.Women need to be treated specially and be given much attention bt some men don’t know.pls help me tell them oooo

  5. Woman is a rare gift bestowed upon the surface of the earth to make life meaningful and enjoyable…They makes the world a better place to live…I love ma woman..

  6. Waoooo.this write up makes me smile and smile as I read and read ,again and again…..some men will still not understanding what we women are made of .we are the best thing that ever happens to humanity.. We are created in a special way. without women the word is yet to complete..

  7. It is very important to know each other very well before settling down for marriage, because its a life time business. Husband and wife are meant to love each other with tolerance.

  8. Women, women, women, when they are close you will feel like killing them, when they are far you will feel their absence.

    They are they, women are women and they deserve to be cherished especially the serious and respectful ones. Not some rude and uncultured women…

    I stand against abuse of any attitude,
    I stand against rape

    I wish every woman is like my 2 mothers. Foot for thought

    1. Thank you for this TMC.. The sooner we come to realise the importance and value of all the women in the world down to the smallest girls the better it is for us oo… Understanding women is really of paramount importance and treating them well also….

  9. Thanks TMC for the advice.
    I pray we should marry the right partner. If not no matter how much you love her or him, he or she will not no the value of that love

  10. It’s true that if u treat women right she will bring blessing, favour, life transformation e.t.c
    Please help advice woman to treat man well.

  11. Women are you help meet and the neck, please treat them with respect they deserve to be love, cherish Adore give them attention, stop seeing them as completion they are more than that

  12. Women are specially created by God and they also deserve special treatment from man . Try to understand your partner and you will never have any regret in life.

  13. Wow, this is really wonderful, always love your wife because she is a precious gift from God, thanks themainceos for that great and wonderful advice or words to us.tmc the best.

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