• Good evening everyone
  • Trust your day was cool.
  • Today is supposed to kick start our household training, which of course did hold and it was more of introduction.
  • We had the CEO himself teaching and educating us on the essence(s) of skill acquisition as a major tool towards achieving a better life. He had to stress on it using various examples to further show us the power of acquiring skills in life.
  • Tomorrow the training hits the ground running, we did like you to make it a time with us and you’ll be transformed.
  • Time: 4Pm

71 thoughts on “TRAINING UPDATE

  1. July 6, 2020 at 8:26 pm
    Wow, wow, wow..I love this great and wonderful achievement , word or information here thanks to you all ,themainceo is full of educating, learning and earning at the same time..its really awesome to be in this platform …thanks to themainceos for keeping us informed. God bless you all and kudos!thanks for this opportunity.

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