Good Afternoon TMCites,


Happy New Week!!!


Its Monday again and we are thankful to God for another Work and Earn week!!!
We want to quickly abreast you of the activities coming up, which are ad follows


We are kicking off this week’s training today and we want everyone to prepare their mind to learn something new today and also endeavour to be right on time so you don’t miss out on anything at all.
Note: We will be having a guest speaker for this training, who will be sharing with us his success story on what was achieved making good use of the training for the week.
To get the full story, be sure to be present in training today.



The much anticipated competition is here and fresh like fresh fish from fresh waters, just chill and do your thing.
We will be kicking off the competition with Mr. & Miss TMC, so where are the beautiful guys and handsome ladies??— we are waiting to see how you will wow us with your beauty and handsomeness.
The requirements for this category is as follows:
1. You must be a member of TMC.
2. You must have an Instagram and Twitter account.
3. Picture photography should be Studio Photo (preferred).
Voting process
1. Post your picture (1) to be used for the competition on both Twitter and Instagram.
2. Tag @themainceos on the post containing your competition picture.
3. Inviting family and friends to like your picture.
Note: Winners will be decided base on contestant with highest number of likes on their post.


3. Customer Care Service
We want to use this opportunity to plead with members to stick to the official time designated to call or message the customer care representatives.
This is because some members irrespective of the announcement being made still calls or message at odd hours and we are not happy with such act.
Note: they are not robots but human like you, so we did hope by now that you will understand. They attend yo members ad follows:
Monday – Saturday 9am – 8pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm
Note: Please stick to the official time, as we have instructed them not to attend to any members who violates the above.


4. Login Issues
We received some calls and messages from members complaining their dashboard is not showing and we want to address the issue here
Note: The site is working perfectly well
Nevertheless, if you experience this issue, follow the steps below to view your dashboard
1. Check your network
2. Check your browser, we noticed that members using Chrome and Phoenix browser some times experience this issue. So kindly get higher browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Puffin browser) not Opera Mini and try logging in again
3. Always check your login details, whatever you used during registration is the same exact way you must input it to access your dashboard. Example: If your username or password during registration is Working123, type it the same way and not like working123.


Note: the both are not the same, so always check before you request for password reset.
More updates coming soon…
Happy Money Making!!!
From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC

175 thoughts on “TMC UPDATE

  1. Thank you so much. I wish the contestants a happy contest. Please let try and reason along with them, it’s not easy attending to many online request. Tmc we appreciate you for the patient.

  2. wish the contestants a happy contest. Please let try and reason along with them, it’s not easy attending to many online request. Tmc we appreciate you for the patient.

  3. This is a great opportunity for us members of TMC,pls let’s capitalize on it and follow the instructions to register for coming beauty competition

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