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We will love to make the following announcements because concerns has been raised about some unacceptable acts by some members especially up line (referral) to down line (referred).


We want to reiterate and also make it very clear that this is The Main CEOs not just a platform but a registered organization under CAC and also we are not and will never be a reading news and get paid site like those out there and that note we implore all members (prospective and existing) read this once again.


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We strongly believe that joining us after reading the above that you agree to our terms and conditions and by so also agree to comply with all instructions and directives as maybe provided by us (TMC), and we will appreciate that such directives and instructions will be adhered to the letter.
Having made the clarifications above, we have been receiving complaints from members (especially new members) that their referral (up line) deceived and lied to them about The Main CEOs all in the name to get them registered and earn their referral bonus and we seriously frown at such unscrupulous act because amongst numerous negative impressions it might create,it is defamatory and also not in connection with our visions and mission and as such we want to strictly warn that any of such member involved such act should desist from such as we will be taking disciplinary measures put in place to sanction offenders.
We sincerely apologize to all those who in one way or the other has been lied to or deceived, please accept our deepest apologizes. And we want to officially welcome you to this wonderful family. Kindly note that we take responsibility for our members that is the more reason we do not joke with updates, so we implore that you always see it as a point of duty that you follow us our different platforms for updates. Below are our platforms
Telegram (you can join through the link on your dashboard)
Twitter (follow us @Themainceos)
Instagram (@Themainceos)
Our customer care lines are always available to attend to you
Note: complaints should be directed to your respective up line for guide on how to resolve such complaints, but only when such complaints exceeds the jurisdiction of what the up line can handle then you can kindly contact the customer care.
Official open hours
Mon – Sat: 9am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 6pm
Warning: kindly adhere to the time stated above as we will not want a situation where one feels or think he/she is snubbed or ignored.



This is a bonus to members so we will not want any member depending solely on this as we have provide you with lots of skills to earn yourselves money and we are glad some members have been taking opportunity of our training to help themselves. We do not want dormant and lazy persons who do not want to help themselves but sitting and lazying around waiting for activities points payment, if you want do such please kind do join those reading news platforms as we do not do such here. We are here to build CEOs and not Journalist or news reporters.


1. Please on no account should you chat or call the customer care for activities points payment because we have repeatedly said that such payment is just a bonus to members and not a monthly salary like payment.


2. Payment request portal was open on the 29th July at 12:00 noon and was closed 8:00pm.



3. Those who have been paid before will not be considered as we want others to get a fair share and also those who will not get paid this time should be patient and wait for next time.




Warning: we noticed that a whole of those who requested for the above payment did not meet the requirement to be eligible for activities point payment and as such we will be opening disciplinary actions against such persons for their inability to adhere to instructions and directives and also to serve as deterrent to those who will want to indulge in such act.
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Use your life for something meaningful.



From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Disciplinary Committee TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. If there’s a way this information can be included in the registration page, it’d be better. So that as you’re registering, you’ll know what you’re going for.

  2. Thanks for the update but I wish there should be a way of including the terms n conditions on the dashboard of the new intake for compulsory acceptance before proceedings. If this is possible, it should be twice cos most upliners registers their downliners. I also implore the administrators to be strict on activity point withdrawal such that if you didn’t meet any of the criteria, the person shouldn’t be allowed to successfully apply instead giving you guys hucos pucos after application in trying to verify them. My suggestions tho, thanks.

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