Good evening TMCites,
We wish to announce that the much anticipated entertainment competition is here and we believe our entertainers are fully prepared and ready to show us and the world what they’ve got.
The following are the requirements needed to be a part of this competition:


1. Membership
You must have paid the registration fee of #1,600 for our membership package to participate in our competition.


2. Entertainer
You must be an entertainer to qualify for the competition.


3. Followership
You will be required to follow us on our social media handle:
Twitter: @themainceos
Instagram: @themainceos
Facebook: @themainceos


5. Performance
Music: a minute video freestyle on a selected beat or song.
Comedy: a minute video of comic act(s) or talk.
Dance: a minute video, dancing to a selected song or beat.
Mr. & Miss. TMC: more information coming up on this category
We believe this is the one of the best time to invite your friends and family and any entertainer you know to join us and also make money for yourself through our referral program while you help them show their talents on our entertainment platform.
More update coming soon.
Anticipate it!!!!


TMC Entertainment… A world of real enjoyment and Jollification.


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: TMC Entertainment Department
Through: Customer Care TMC


          1. This is truly jullification, what a beautiful moment it will be. I can’t wait to see

  1. I will make sure I persuade my brother to participate in the music section, thanks to tmc, you want to touch everywhere in life..I’m not here by a mistake

  2. This is nothing but amazing ……. I am so proud to market TMC and more so I would love to go for mr TMC …I can’t wait for the update on how to qualify for mr TMC…..this is truly great…..this platform is super…..I love TMC

  3. This is unbelievable
    Am surprised, u never expected this from this platform, wow TMC Admin you guys are amazing. I can’t just believe that I have been given opportunity to show case what I have ( Music )

    1. this is the best online platform I have seen so far….a platform that enables you to earn and go further to educating you on how to succeed in life

  4. With your one time payment of #1600 you can earn that in a month.

    see how our members are doing well !

    Join or chat me up for registration.

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