We want to announce to you that our Loan scheme for supporting our members in becoming the CEOs of their dreams, has kick started and we also want to say a very big congratulation to our first beneficiaries.
Next loan application coming up July.
1. Business plan
2. Business proposal
3. Commitment, dedication and faithfulness to TMC.
4. TMC points
Our loan system:
1. Capital is given to you upfront to start your business.
2. Remission of payment follows immediately after two (2) weeks of receiving the Capital.
3. Repayments are done on weekly basis, until such loan is completely paid.
4. Our loans are interest and collateral free.
5. Free special advert for your business brand.
If you are been paid or requested for activities earning, you are not eligible for the above loan scheme.
For sponsorship for and partnership with TMC , kindly send us a message via our email
Promotion of all members business is starting next month (June).
Below are confirmation from our beneficiaries having received their business order.




TMC… Building CEOs
From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: TMC Loan Scheme Management
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. Hnmmm why all only for volunteers partners? TMC you would have made the offer for every member of the company…But nevertheless, good one from you guys, kisses.

  2. O ya qudos to tmc ,thank you so much guys,you are really the best ,you didn’t only give us fish but also thought us how to fish,may God bless you too

  3. Wowww!, what a wonderful platform, this is actually the biggest bombshell, God bless you boss Abisola, wonderful administrators and the ceos in making.

  4. I think my future is bright with this opportunity. I will kick start my bussiness plan and other. I will blow this year. TMC is ours group.

  5. The main challenge in executing business is capital, and I think with this great opportunity given by TMC. Plenty people will be able to share positive testimonies

  6. This initiative is great……and it will go a long way……giving loan to support individuals business is a great initiative……I cannot over stress my happiness on this.., but to say thank you to team TMC

  7. In fact TMC is a great platform for given loan to members without collateral and no interest GOd will continue to lift you up,our people should use the well ooo.

  8. Wow!!!

    I am so so happy for you guys…this platform has kept to it’s promises and that’s the kind d of platform I wana be associated with

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