A very good afternoon to you


We want to remind us of our activities schedule for the week.


1. Training

This is our week of yet another training section. When we did say TMC… Earn and Learn, we meant every single word. So prepare yourself as training for the week kicks off today as scheduled:


2. Giveaway

Giveaway will be henceforth done on our Twitter handle @Themainceos, kindly join us there.

Starting Wednesday the Giveaway will continue on:

Venue: Twitter

Time: 10pm


See you there!!!…


3. Activities Earning

We have noticed some members in the quest to accumullated lots of points, do comment on post multiple times and also earn from posting Viral Share of previous days, etc.

We love to inform you that upon request for activities payment and your account falls under the listed category, your request will be declined.

Kindly take note ‘one post, one comment and one person’

Please let’s be guided accordingly.


More Updates coming up


Thank You and Happy Money Making Week


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC

Through: Customer Care TMC

351 thoughts on “TMC ANNOUNCEMENT

    1. Fact….. Cos money will surely finish but the knowledge impacted in you shall never vanish and it will surely fetch ten times of the money been given

    1. Goodbey to poverty…

      it’s today by 4pm

      With just N1,600, you can be earning at least N20, 000 weekly and be employed as social media manager on Facebook and earn at least N100,000 in a month from clients.


      You earn while learning.

      Hurry Now!!!

      Join us on Twitter for members testimony @themainceos

  1. Sincerely, when I noticed the multiple comments, I actually thought we are allowed to express our feelings ni o
    I actually thought you can’t be credited twice for comments on a post because I expected it to be automatic………….I plead that the admin would use this as a warning to everyone.
    God bless TMC

  2. The third point on the announcement. What about users that just joined and do not know especially sharing of the previous viral shares?

    I will suggest the previous viral shares stop earning and commenting on previous post too once it valid date expires earning on it should automatically be disabled.

    Thank you for the update, that is my own contribution for the sake of those who fall victims of circumstance.

  3. Okay. Thank you.I may have done this. It’s not intensional if I did. Sometimes some post looks similar which makes it harder sometimes to know if you’ve been on it before or not..

  4. Noted!!! At time network do fuck up at time so somelne might not know of the previous comment was upload or not that is y…..
    We will be very careful enhanceforth……

  5. Thanks for the information but do not punish the offenders now. Punish them if they commit the same offence in subsequent posts. We are just getting to know that its an offence.

  6. We love to inform you that upon request for activities payment and your account falls under the listed category, your request will be declined.

  7. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

  8. In life training is a very welcome innovation, without training where in not be a perfection, so the ideal is to keep on attending training I guess

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