Good Afternoon TMCites,


Below are announcements for the days activities and also some important information


1. Training

Training continues today on telegram , do avail yourself to be there because it is a training class you will not want to miss.

Reminder: Your assignments will be submitted before the commencement of today’s class to actually know those who are following up with the training.

Time: 4pm


2. Giveaway

Giveaway continues today

Venue: Twitter

Time: 10pm

Note: if you are yet to join us on Twitter Kindly do so. Using @themainceos to follow us.


3. Activities Points Usage

i. Registration: using activities points for this category requires the following

a. 8,000 TMC points.

b. No affiliate bonus is to your dashboard.

c. The 1,600 paid by the prospect is your affiliate bonus.

d. Send the full details of the prospect and your Username, TMC point balance and screenshot of your account to for registration.


ii. Competition or Contest: if  you are a participant in any competition or contest that requires voting system and you will love TMC to support you as a family, then send us a message on WhatsApp using +2348136075128.



More update will be coming soon on the this category.


4. New Project Launch

Good News!!!


TMC will be launching another project soon, more information about this will be duly communicated before weekend.

We bet you did love it… Anticipate it!!!


Happy Money Making and Learning


See you all on Training Ground!!!


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC

Through: Customer Care TMC

284 thoughts on “TMC ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. May God bless themainceos but when is our withdrawal day for activities earnings also you promised to refund our missing point some days ago but you don’t take any step…. What’s happening?

  2. [3/31, 13:32] : Alright… Hmm but there’s someone that knows me well.. I will ask about me for you later okay
    [3/31, 13:32] David O: So I don’t?
    [3/31, 13:33] : You don’t how? You said you don’t really know me now

  3. Please as much as I will love to join the telegram training program I don’t have a link for it,,, help a lazy youth out oo,, I dnt wanna be lazy that is why I joined Tmc,,,

  4. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

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