This is for my ladies!

Hi CEO’s

i am sorry ,this post might not meet you well but we need to talk the sense to our self sometimes…

my ladies !

marry your best friend

We are hustling now right ? But do you know we need someone that we can share our time with most , share our feelings with, someone we can cry  on whenever we are sad , someone we can trust small to share your problems with sometimes..

that person can be your husband, boyfriend, lover , sometimes we call them

boo, joy giver and co

if you have already married you are safe small…

but my single ladies ….

i know you are in a relationship but remember

there is no how , if you are not emotionally balance sometime, you might not have the strength to do business……..

Before it too late !


if you are dating a guy that don’t add value to your life

my sister , run

if you are dating someone that don’t talk about future with you

most of his  conversation must included

marriage, business, future plans …

if he is not talking about that

run away please…


if you are dating a guy that only invite you for s*x only


run away pleases

date someone with mission , he might be broke but you are sure he has vision , support him, stay with him ,no body’s know tomorrow…

they might be saying  some trash bt don’t mind them but remember the guy you are doing that for must has vision oh !

my ladies

we guys don’t need s*x partner but hustle partners

work hard to be some body in life …

don’t depends on guys to survive, once our guys discover that , you depend on them , they will start using you anyhow !

be unique, give your self standard , hustle for your money.

what a man can do , A woman can do better .

if it’s business you are going for , do it with passion, if it’s school , do it with passion

balance school , business and relationship together…

now that you are busy hustling, that do not mean you don’t have time for your guy, you guys should reason together and if he Don’t want your progress….

my dear, leave him

remember sex before marriage…..

stop jumping from one man to another ..

it slow progress in life …

dating is not a must abeg …..

God first, hustle and God will give your type that will understand you well …

But remember to marry your best friend..

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you are too beautiful and intelligent to face trash from guys please ..

i love you all and happy mother day




437 thoughts on “This is for my ladies!

  1. Thank you so much for this. What you said is the real truth. Ladies let’s us be someone who has value. Value yourself. Marry your best friend. Happy mother’s day

  2. I love my lady, she is so loving a kind, she inspires me a lot and serves as a backbond to my future, our future. I adore you my Best Friend. Guys be proud of your ladies and you ladies do same with your men

  3. I thought when I register is just for me to read news and go but is not like that,TMC has taught me a lot and especially how today how to be a good mother because we have a lot of murder out there that thinks that they are mother

  4. Gift of mother is one of the things that has no duplicate on Earth. You can get another wife or husband or even sister and brother but you can’t have a mother twice.

  5. It is the truth some ladies fall into a wrong partner and get married when things turns out bad they will start saying i wish i knew they would have not married him

  6. This write up is totally helpful and automatically becomes a challenge to the single ladies out there….

    Thank you Mr abisola for this food for thought….plus the video is really cracking and funny…

    Truly it is a very good thing to marry your bestfriend

  7. Thanks for this brilliant advice to the ladies, truly to become a good mother in future, they should be in love with who worried about future not about sex.

  8. This is a good article that is reminding us how important we are but we should do everything with our senses. Happy mother’s day to us all

  9. Ladies must be creative and hard working, when a man comes to you and find out that you are hard working he treat you with respect and dignity
    Depending completely on a man will make you summit your life to hopelessness and uncertainty without knowing it

  10. Please everyone weather a man or woman don’t rush into a marriage take it gradually and before you no it you are into it ,if it is by God’s permission,seek for God’s grace before marriage

  11. I am really learning
    It is well with us … Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info. Thanks thanks thanks

  12. This one is strong and true “if you are dating a guy that don’t add value to your life my sister run”. Ladies, also learn how to manage ur emotion some guys are taking advatage of it.. Thanks.

  13. Unfortunately, ladies of today place value on “imaginaries” than letting their man show the true stuff he’s made of. The result is what we know today as ‘love is blind’

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