I asked my artist friend what business he is into, he replied, “I am in entertainment business” I said to him “you’re not in any entertainment business, you’re in people’s business “
If you’re a teacher, you’re not in teaching business, you’re in people’s business.
If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re not in entrepreneurship business, you’re in people’s business.
If you’re a digital marketer or programmer, you’re not in digital marketing or programming business, you’re in people’s business.
If you sell food, you’re not in food business, you’re in people’s business.
You need people to bring their money to the bank.
You need parents to bring their children to school.
You need customers to come patronize you.
You need people to come eat your food.
So you’re not in your business’ business, you’re in people’s business.
If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.
If you don’t know know how to ‘get’ people to your business, your business will not grow.
I Studied the richest people in the world including Aliko Dangote, Wale Adenuga, Ibeto, Ifeanyi Ubah, etc…I started asking myself where is the money….?
Look at Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook…what is making money for him?… People!
What is making money for google?…. People!
What is making money for Government?… People!
What is making money for the Bank? …. People!
What is making money for MTN?…. People!


What is making money for Coca-Cola?…. People!


Why is it that Dangote is expanding to African countries ?….he wants to reach more People and make more money.


Money is in PEOPLE.. People are the custodians of wealth.


If you come in contact with somebody who says he cannot get People… stay away from her or him, he is not a good business person.


Business is Networking of the people, for the people and by the people.


James Hilary Chukwuemeka
Always remember this:
1. You’re always in people’s business and the way you relate with people will determine the growth and success of your business.


2. Being in people’s business does not mean going around interfering in people’s business rather it mean minding your business with the people.


3. Be mindful of the people you mind your business with, because most people are not potential customers or clients but business failure instruments in human form. Example: Family and Friends that don’t support (patronize) or encourage (recommend) you or your business.


  1. Hnmmm, this is touching. I wish business men who are self independent like tailors, mechanics etc could see this and have a proper plan servicing customers instead if all these old culture of disappointing customers. No proper plan on how to run business, only few has proper plans. People pay people, it is like a chain and a cycle. Connect to Collect.

  2. We as human beings are meant to be creative and use our God given talent and make good use of it and also affect other people’s life positively

  3. May God open our eyes to see and grasp without further delay, the understanding that people make business thrive and learn to treat them well.

  4. Wow!!! Nice upright, no people no business, that means people are wealth curstordian!
    I wish those people with poor marketing could see this and work on themselves.

  5. People is business and business is people. Don’t take your customers for granted because a customer lost can never be regained . Be friendly,be jovial but don’t be too lose on your business.

  6. We should all know that all businesses is for the people, but let learn how to communicate with our customers, its is very important. Thanks for the update.

  7. God bless TMC for me
    TMC you are touching lives
    Honestly the business employers needs people in order to have revenue and be productive to the Economy

  8. No business in the world that comes without people, because people help business to grow. Relate with people, learn how to manage people for a successful business.

  9. In business, customers should be held in high esteem if the owner of the business or the employees want the business to continue booming.

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