If you read this till the end, you will make a powerful decision in your Life today.

There was this poor man who wrote a book at the age of 40 and decided to launch it on his Birthday.

He had no money to fund the launch and so he decided to seek help from a millionaire in his community.

He made a visit to the Millionaires home and after they exchanged pleasantries, he told his host what brought him.

The Millionaire told him to take out a piece of paper and pen.
He said, ” I will give you a test. If you pass it, I will give you the money you need and if you fail, I will still give you the money”

He then told him to write down the names of 10 people who could give him 10k each for his book during the launch.

Surprisingly, the man could not write even 3 names.

Now, take a glass of water and let me show you something..

It is not enough to have talent and skills. You must understand the power of building valuable relationship.

It was a wise man that said, your network is directly proportional to your net worth.

Relationship is a currency . Relationship is a stream of income.
Everything in this life actually reproduces on the basis of relationship.

See eh, Who likes you in this life matters .

Men are lifted through men .
Many of us are talented but we lack a cup bearer to tell the King that there is a Joseph that can interpret dreams.

Who you know matters a lot in this life. Don’t say it doesn’t matter. It does.

There are heights and opportunities you will never attain if you don’t understand the power of Keeping Valuable Relationships .

When the say, turn and greet your neighbour in church, Oga, you don’t even know who you are talking too oh .

That might be the CEO of a company. And sometimes, we just despise people based on the standards we use to judge them.

Have this wisdom am sharing with you.

That person you sit with in class and just look down on, you don’t know who they know oh

Sometimes, it takes just a recommendation to change your story.

Don’t despise men in Life. You will need them one day.

Sometimes those who crown Kings don’t look like kings and may never become kings but they can help you wear the crown….

Think about it!!!

From: James Hilary Chukwuemeka


    1. Hmmm thank you tmc, so inspiring i really picked one or two things but the viral share that i shared yesterday you did not award me for it

  1. This is the write up everybody should read. Some people thinks having connection leads to corruption but I say it leads to power. This is why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Build connection people!

  2. I ve already told you that you are. The best among other platforms
    Infact, we need to mix with each others . thanks for this information may God bless the tmc.

  3. This is a great where can u still find this kind again u are too much for all dis knowledge u ar giving us thanks to d person who invite me thanks to Tmc

  4. Wow ,this is so inspirational,such its very good to make friends and don’t judge someone by his/her attitude the first time u meet them,u never can tell who your angel is

  5. This is really impressive ,this teaches us not to fail up when we are not equipped financially but pray for helpers that will develop our life’s .

  6. Hmmm thank you tmc, so inspiring i really picked one or two things but the viral share that i shared yesterday you did not award me for it

  7. Hmmm thank you tmc, so inspiring i really picked one or two things but the viral share that i shared yesterday you did not award me for i

  8. This is wonderful….this is super…..what an encouragement full of knowledge… a point I felt the whole reading was referring to me….I kept calm I digest it….and truly those who crown king’s don’t look like king….and they can never be one

  9. Yes we have type of friends some are bad why some are good
    Such is the dilemma of Life. Trust no one but we still have to tryst some nevertheless

  10. Relying on someone will only but give you a heartbreak and disappointment
    Why not just work on your skills that’ll be helpful to you in life
    Long live TMC!

  11. You can only achieve this when you have people to back you up, not friends that’ll always discourage you even when they know it will be a success when you get in!

  12. Wow… This is really deep… “Your network is directly proportional to your net worth”… Thanks for letting me know the importance and value of relationship…

  13. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

  14. Kaiikaiikaii, TMC you are sparking my head walie to walie according hausa man… But joke apart, TMC am so motivated and inspired by this piece, God bless you.

  15. This is really motivating me….if am to say, anyone that does not engage in this platform is actually missing a lot of things that will help their lives both now and the future to come. Themainceos still remains the best of all as far as am concern.

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