The Importance Of Time

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Nine years ago, Adekunle Gold was begging Don Jazzy to employ him to be the Graphic Designer of his CD Jacket.

Nine years ago, Adekunle Gold could not enter where Don Jazzy enters.

But nine years later, time has brought both of them to the same page.

Today, there might not be anywhere Don Jazzy can enter that Adekunle Gold cannot enter.

Friends, time knows how to level men up.

I beg you brother, don’t mock a MAN because of what TIME has given you.

If it is TIME that has given it to you, that same TIME will still deliver it to someone else.

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I have never made the mistake of looking down on any man that is looking up to God for a better someday, because I understand from beginning that TIME is a game changer.

A DESTITUTE today, can become a MILLIONAIRE tomorrow.

That man or woman that is financially unstable today, can become a financial pillar tomorrow.

if you were not born with what you are bragging with, why do you think another person will die without having that same thing?

My friend, I am not encouraging you to be Lazy, but I am telling you to have a little Patience.

Don’t jump into fraudulent ways so as to blow overnight.

If you must blow in this life, you have to relax…

God will make all things beautiful in HIS time.

You are already doing well for yourself.

The reason why you get depressed is because there are people you keep comparing yourself to.

Meanwhile, there are people who are even praying to get to the level you are now, but you don’t even appreciate God for where you are today.

I wish you will understand the DYNAMICS of TIME.

If TIME has ever favoured any man, it will also favour you.

Release those that are mocking you from your mind.

Forget about those you’ve helped that are now even ashamed to identify with you publicly because they have blown.

Just an idea can change your life.

that why themainceos is given you different form of idea to pick..

Just ONE favour from God can change your narrative.

Just ONE phone call can save you from generational shame.

Just ONE contact can delete your name from the list of beggars to Philanthropist.

Keep working hard and conscientiously with people.

Time will put things in your hand that people refused to give you.

I will still be here to share the testimonies with you.

From the look of things, it will soon be your turn to testify.

Themainceos is teaching you on how to make use of your time well but some are still rushing.

remember this saying

rush In and rush out…

have you see any Yahoo! Bois that live long or live happy ??
remember Hushpuppi ?

Where is Hushpuppi now ??

Say no to scam, it can never last..

work for your money and wait for your time!

You build an  empire stage by stage not in a day …


we are all aware money is good but keep working,wait for your time and praying to God…

happy money making.




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194 thoughts on “The Importance Of Time

    1. Hmmmmm….
      Time Time Time…
      Or I should just say “power of time”
      Wow.., this is awesome.
      One should just learn how to make use of the wisely and most especially in this lockdown

  1. Its really a matter of time . am believing God for the unusual in time to come. My Destiny can be delayed but not destroyed its just a matter of time

  2. Wow, wow, wow, sincerely God’s time is the best, Lord pls help me ooh…thanks themainceos for this wonderful information or update…. Still the best.

  3. Truly everything has to do with time. Because you have now does not mean the other person will not have. It just the matter of times. Thanks TMC for this courage given to the whole world.

  4. Thanks TMC for the information , true true crime no dey pay , just look at hushpuppi
    Thanks TMC for telling us the truth
    Time is important for we the Legal hustlers.
    May God bless us all.
    Thanks TMC

  5. Hmmmmm….
    Time Time Time…
    Or I should just say “power of time”
    Wow.., this is awesome.
    One should just learn how to make use of the wisely and most especially in this lockdown

  6. Like it’s popularly said time is money
    People’s time differs just as their personality but the most important thing is utilizing/making maximum use of your own.

  7. Wait for your time,be patient and prayerful, one step at a time. Don’t compare yourself to others that are already at the top. With hard work and prayers, you will also get to the promise land.

  8. Time is money, since money is an opportunity time too in the other hand hand is opportunity and if opportunity is not wisely utilized once its lost it can’t be regain

  9. Looking down on people because you have money more than them is not good at all…. No matter how rich you are you need to treat people equally and also be good to them because nobody knows tomorrow

  10. All man for himself, Time is versatile… The future is bright, hardwork is the key to prosperity… Don’t be envy of others greatness, we all have our own TIMEZONE!!! TMC ALL THE WAY, KUDOS TO THE TEAM❤️

  11. Eccl 3 explains the mystery of time, time defers in man’s life, time determine so many thing’s but God as given us the tool to brings it to reality, which one out of them is throughPRAYER.

  12. Wow.., this is awesome.
    One should just learn how to make use of the wisely and most especially in this lockdowntime waits for no one, Ecclesiastes 3 says there is always time for everything

  13. Thanks a million times Themainceos. One thing that gives me joy is the saying that, “destiny can be delayed but can never be denied”.

  14. There are places Ade can enter now Jazzy can not enter…… Married men’s association, Father’s meeting, but seriously take your time and with God you shall achieve feats.

  15. Whaoooh! I am greatly inspired! My time will surely come. My tomorrow will be greater than today.
    Thanks to TMC for the opportunity to pick. It really a great privilege. I can never forget TMC when I blow .God helping me.

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