Youths wake up !!!!!

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I hope this meets you in good tidings


It has been quite annoying and disheartening the recent happening in our world today and most especially in our beloved country Nigeria. In view of this I decided to share my views and talk my mind because it’s not something we will just fold our arms and watch happen as if we have got no choice.


You have a choice, no matter how it looks and after reading this you’ll understand better.



Unemployment Saga


The Federal Government of Nigeria made it public of its plans to absorb 774,000 unskilled workers into the system, which means from every local government area (774) there is allocation for 1,000 persons. Now, since f this news broke out in the media; the politicians which we elected to represent us in the upper and lower chamber and other relevant offices where our right will be protected and fought for if necessary by these men and women we did trust have been trying to manipulate and hijack these jobs and see it given to their own personal and selected individual. Thereby neglecting those who don’t anybody to speak or fight for them, forgetting the very essence of their election to office and therefore pursuing self aggrandizement at the expense of the poor masses.



The youth of this great nation has been sidelined and totally forgotten by these men and women who promised to fight for the betterment of their lives, Nigeria as a nation have abandoned us too long time ago before now. They promised us jobs after going to school and acquiring knowledge and certificate but the rate of unemployment keeps skyrocketing every year.



It is obviously clear that these nation don’t care about the youth or your certificate but rather is interested in who you know. Image a job offer for unskilled worker with a meager pay of #20,000 had 4 PhD holders and 200 Master Degree applying, is this not an aberration of highest degree?




Which means that those who have first degree (BSc, HND, ND, NCE) should go and cry Abi.




See, let me just tell you the truth; this country or its system don’t value education no more and so therefore you going to school to study and graduate with a certificate is almost useless because at the end of the day you spend thousands, some millions to get it but after that, you’ll comes home roaming the streets like hopeless individuals because of the frustration of unemployment.



Youths better wake up and learn to do things for yourself. Don’t depend on any government, individual (especially those uncles and aunties that will tell finish school and we’ll get you a job) those are the biggest family scammers because when you need them to deliver their promises, they’ll ghost you.
Guess what


IF you finish your Nysc or education in Nigeria without learning work or skills ,you will understand why Nigeria’s pledge ends with “so help me God”



Not even a office job but sweeping  job , it’s well!!…



Entrepreneurial World



I will say this, this is the best opportunity you can ever get in this life. Today we have men and women who have made quite a reputation for themselves and have written their names in the history of the world, entrepreneurship and generation. It might interest you to know that the richest men and women in the world are into business and you will agree with me that this persons never depends on any government but went of their way to achieving success.


On 27 August, 2020, I read a news of man who currently worth about $200 Billion and the truth be told it made me angry, happy and got me thinking at the same time. My questions was:
1. how can one man harness all this wealth?
2. Shebi its the same God that created us?
3. What kind of ideas brought about this kind of success?
4. Is school really a scam?


And lots more…


Then, I quickly remember that this man is an entrepreneur and he provides solutions to people’s problems and that alone can grow a little business to an empire.


See ehn, doing business is the surest way o. If you doubt me then ask yourself this question:
Why is market and businesses open but schools is not.



Note: Even if you use all your village people do ritual or even do fraud, you can never; I repeat never ever make that kind of money in this life or even after. Just convert that money to Naira, you’ll understand better.



The Main CEOs
At TMC, we have come to bring as many youths as possible out of the shackles of ignorance and idealism bondage implanted by the system of our country because it’s causing more harm than good.
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Think about it…


We love you all and God bless us..


Remember do something before something do you.


No free money anywhere but work for it.

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  2. Yes that a great information for us youths… We youths are not in need of sleeping at all, our government won’t but only if we wake up can well ourselves

  3. you will understand why Nigeria’s pledge ends with “so help me God” actually got me laughing but very true though , this government don’t care about the youth

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