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We are excited to announce the upcoming challenge for all TMCites and this challenge is tagged Testimonial Challenge Season 1 and this challenge is to have you pour out your experience so far being part of this big family The Main CEOs a.k.a TMC.






This challenge is design to take a two-dimensional pattern which is as follows:
Video testimonial
Written testimonial




1. It must be a minimum of a minute (1:00) and maximum of two minutes (2:00).
2. Visibility of your face is mandatory; maintain constant eye contact to the screen of record.
3. These words must be mentioned clearly “The Main CEOs” or “TMC”.
4. No mentioning of names of our competitors or other businesses you might be a part of in the past or presently other than (3) above.
5. Feel free to express yourself but we advice you are straight to the point.
6. You are free to express yourself in your native dialect and not just limited to English.
7. Evidence of benefits or other related images of your achievement through TMC should be included.





Submission Guideline
Videos are to be submitted for review to +2348136075128 (WhatsApp only).
After the review you will be duly communicated for the next step.



Note: Attach your name to your submission.



1. Form must be submitted in English only.
2. We advice that you be as concise as possible with your testimony.
3. Form either be filled in the following ways:
a. Download, print then fill and scanned for submission.
b. Download, filled with either your Laptop or Smartphone MS Word Application then prepare for submission.





Note: Testimonial section must be underlined.
Must not be more than a page.





Submission Guideline
All written testimonial should be forwarded to
Screenshot of testimony evidence(s) should be attached.




Submission Date:
Starts 21st August , 2020.
Ends 31st August , 2020.




Get ready for season 2 coming up soon.





Stay tuned for more updates.




From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC

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