Hi TMCites..

it been a while tho but what is going on in the country is somehow,please, STAY AWAY FROM RAPE AND SCAM!

Sometime, have you ask yourself  what bring the tot of Rape and Scam..

what making people to think of rapping a lady or scamming people. It’s because ability not to think, lack self control and not able to work….

it’s someone that is thinking on how to make it in future or someone that is building is career with the skills learnt from TMC together will able to think of scam or rape?

In the same country where people saying there is no money, some people they build house and buying a new worth of 20M and above.

The issue is to pick what you can do and take it to the next level…

You don’t want work and u are expecting Miracle, my dear… it can never happen .


for example

Some People got paid for non referral bonus and payment is still going and while some .

we told you

it’s a bonus for members


you guys think we are making money the site ??
We are making nothing from the site…..

we don’t want you to depend on reading news alone but to focus on your life..

how can you know we are not making money from the site ??
have you heard of Google ads ??
It’s when a site has google ads and co that where the site can be making money from site !


all those things we are doing for you is just from God !

i repeat just from God.

dont forget to get ready for this


Here , I’m going to Teach how to open a website and also learn how to make Money from it and see the different between themainceos and the Rest

I stand or believe on teaching you how to fish but given you fish.


check those people out

those people are saying there are entitle to get paid for the activities and we told you it’s a bonus.

since we have clear it that we don’t make money from the site! U will be saying what about the registration fees.

let me explain that also..

registration fees is 1600 and referral bonus was 1120 and it’s not 1020


1120 from 1600 that is #480

people selling pins collect there commission and remain #380

don’t forget the Traning daily !

dont forget giveaway we doing

don’t forget we gave out loan without no interest and co!

dont forget it’s the person that refer you that got paid of the referral bonus  not us…


Remember this is coming up ..

we told you, come and earn and learn

do  you refer and you don’t get paid ??
do you win any give away and u don’t get it ??

5 members got loans without no interest

there pictures and full name coming up soon


remember, those that get paid for non referral should not expect loan oh!

all those things are from TMC pocket!

we want the best for you and we want you to have a bright future and be updated…

we continue doing more and more ..

testimonies around me is given us joy and more still coming.

dont forget real estate business is coming up soon while u start getting paid if 500k per one transaction before you start that why we are building you up small small.






My government is free and fair .. I want you to be updated and not to be wasting your time on social media but make use it well.

i will also give you update on how we run TMC

there is nothing to hide

we are family and we are suppose to understand each other better.


A lot has access to me , I never hide my identity to anyone ..

you can express your feelings to me as we sort it out !

He has started chatting me up .. it’s this morning

you have access to me anytime but Incase I don’t reply on time , don’t me angry a lot of chats .

Despite the Training on telegram.. we still add some people to mentorship class most especially people going into importation fully


We really care about you !

next month new project, just wait and see.

Don’t I have over 120 clients I’m working for mean that I’m very busy and I want you to be busy and make money for you self

refer your friends and family and make money for your self and start business.


read contents and earn

learn skills and earn

use different skills to earn for you self

VTU business is there

make money with that !

be self independent and move on!

Government will only do theirs best and it’s now left for me and you to handle the rest!

Good news , we pay non referral too!

we are doing this just to encourage those that don’t have the strength to refer but it’s a better to have the strength and make money for your self !

Those that have  the strength to refer , teach people that can’t refer

teach your downlines on how to refer



This guy called zico, he do get paid weekly for referral,instead of teaching your downlines on how get referral or encourage them.. he started the matter.


i know we are Nigerians and we are ready for you !

We are family!

anything that is go wrongs, I guess we should talk as family.

remmeber , there is not special between me and you

Once you join themainceos, check your thinking

you we not  CEO AND START thinking on what to do for your life.. many opportunities coming up and we can never be discouraged.

Guess what !

we pay non referral and next batch loan is coming up soon , start planing on what you can invest on that will give you cool money !.

Take a step now !






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  1. Thank you TMCfor this information
    We know you are trying your best on us all and the Lord will continue to crown your effort and bless you more

  2. I came in here too thinking it’s the usual read and earn site but I realized that this site is far bigger and better than that. Thanks for this tmc

  3. The people I try to refer are all telling me they want to see my own testimony before they believe, so l hope we get the bonus of the activities points. Thanks for the opportunity TMC.

  4. My Guy Jinadu is a wonderful person with a heart of Gold, You will be my Media and my special protocol officer wen I become the Governor. Lol !!! God bless you, Son of Zion

  5. The main CEOs for life I love TMC and am grateful for everything I have learnt from this platform, may God bless the admins for this good work they are doing

  6. But why are people like this? “zico” with the T&C on how non refs will get paid, while payment is going on and he could b the ring leader to star this. Despite he gets paid for ref same time too. People can not just do but talk baseless talks.

    TMC, nice that this back stabbers are not getting to your mind. Pls ride on. The tea men are with you 24/7.

  7. Thank you very much for the information, I no you are transforming life with your platform may God bless you real good, and crown your effort

  8. Been trying to invite people to no avail.. many are saying they’ve done dis kind of platform before. That getting paid after a month is the problem till the website fail. I just hope and pray TMC is not like that. We need more testimonies to make people come in

  9. Thank you so much for the update and enlightening. I am really going to put in my best to get the best from themainceos and be my own CEO.

  10. Thank you so much for this. That activity point will boost so many people’s moral to join once they know the money is sure. Thanks to the brains behind this.

  11. Thank you sir, for this wonderful piece of information, and advise, I really commend you for all your good works indeed joining this platform is one of the best step Ave ever taking as a youth, despite the payment on referrals and bonus, we still learn as tho we are in a lecture room and also make money, may God bless my upliner for introducing me to this platform and also themainceos

  12. This site is one of it’s kind.Don’t be lazy take a step at a time.Even if you fall trying once or twice it doesn’t mean that you are a failure pushing and everything will be alright.Sure!!

  13. Thanks for sharing and your as well as your advice.Whoever that thinketh evil such scam and rape is a beast.A devil incarnate and don’t deserve to live.God please protect your people Amen!!!

  14. People actually think it’s a scam bt I don’t blame naija and dey might have been doped be4.Once bitten twice shy.Bt we need to prove to dem dat it’s not scam.its legit

  15. Thank you TMCfor this information
    We know you are trying your best on us all and the Lord will continue to crown your effort and bless you more

  16. Guy Jinadu is a wonderful person with a heart of Gold, You will be my Media and my special protocol officer wen I become the Governor. Lol

  17. Thanks for the information TMC. But am still finding it difficult to go along with the update, training and referring people cos many people think everything is not working, although am new I will be glad if you could put me through. Thanks TMC best site ever seen

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