Ways To Make Money From Themainceos

Hi TMCites, how you doing ??


to our new members, we welcome you once again

the month  of July was a great month.. we received goods from China through the month even on Sunday..

We focus on empowerment and specializes on

1. TMC Affiliate Earning Program

Over three(3)+ thousand member are making money daily , weekly and monthly on our platform..

Kindly check all over social media platform to see members testimony and read more to join us 


how people are making money using the Afililating program?

its by referring your  friends and family  to the site using your Afililating link…

this morning, 10/08/2020 at as 11pm

a lot of members are buying pins for registration




So, what are you waiting for ??
start telling your friends and family now about themainceos… How they can make money With different ways..

plsease, make money and up lines, take care of your downlines, teach them on how to make Money… explain to them on how to earn by referring friends and family..

There is no how you will not get paid..


you want to buy pin for registration??
click here    

or chat 08175059392 , Whatapps only

Those that get paid, always share testimony alerts so that, you can get more money from it and also get money referral…

tell your pastors or your leader about themainceos, we can come and do presentation and you will make money with that..

be wise oh….

2. TMC Training Program

We have trained over five (5) thousand members on different skills about social media most especially mini importation, digital marketing and so on 

We do received goods daily from

China all because of themainceos.


In case you want to import from any countries

Dm us 


you can also host your training and be making money  with it..

We have different services you can teach..


for example

last week, This one of our member that made over 20k trying to organize a mini importation Training…

just teach them on what we taught you, simple and make your money..


3. TMC VTU business program

We teach members on how to make money by selling data and cable tv for free


If you are not interested in business and you have talents, make sure your talents speak for you

we empowered people into entertainment to

we don’t focus on business only but talent also..


more update is coming for the season 2..



5. TMC Empowerment (Interest free loan) program

We give members loans without no interest and we have started doing that..

for more information



6 promotion

We help to promote your business on social media,you will surly make sales daily and you can promote yours business also on our site 


And so on 

Remember we focus on empowerment which God has been given us the Grace to continue…

Join us as you be expose on how to make money using your smart phone and get empowered using Themainceos platform..

Kindly follow us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter @themainceos 

Themainceos has touched many life’s



make money now oh  And more ways are still coming…


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