Someone said to me: ”I can’t create a network of people because I don’t know how to approach them and I can’t be someone’s ladder!”



Me: Really?😲



Then you shouldn’t be on Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg definitely uses you as a ladder to become a Billionaire😜 in his social media business



You shouldn’t even use a mobile phone let alone an Android because Samsung, Gionee, Tekno, even Nokia uses you as a ladder😋 to grow their tech business




In fact, You Shouldn’t build your Own House!!



You ask me why??? How can Dangote use you as a ladder?😂😂 to grow his business empire



My dear, you need to understand that Money is in People!!! You Can’t Achieve Much Without People!



Have You Thought About Your Boss at Work? He Uses You as a Ladder to Get Promotions😁😅😂



So why Not Consciously Change Your Own Fortune through People? You would be doing yourself a Lot of good!



Wouldn’t you rather help save lives, help people fulfil their dreams while fulfilling yours?




Together we make it happen!!!



Having a network of people is turning ordinary people to extra ordinary millionaires.


Let’s make Today Count!!


  1. Wow. This a great word of wisdom. Their is no successful man or woman on Earth without been used before. So let try and understand this and understand ourselves. Thanks TMC once again for this wonderful impact.

  2. Humm In unity lies our strength and the source is all about people everywhere anywhere the secret of success actually start with a decision to lunch out Thank you so much TMC for the motivation

  3. I agree with you. “The first person to change is you” after you might have changed then others things follow. Let’s follow the trend of change brought to us to affects ourselves and others. Thanks you very much.

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