Stay Away From Scam

Hi TMCites

how you doing ?

How you feel if you scam people or they scammed you ???

What is the problem??
you can’t learn skills to start making money , you can’t do networking or online trading even Afililating marketing business like TMC you are complaining..

remember , no food for lazy man ….

you keep saying

online business is for you !

if online business is not for you !

what will now do it ??
You can’t be staying without productive and you have a mobile phone, data even you gags access to free WiFi…

see ehn

see how people are wasting time on social media


While some are social media hustling

If those that advertise get paid of 20 to 30k weekly

you will now say

online business is not for you …


if you are selling fabric or shoes

you have to tell the world on what you are selling

don’t be shy

even those yahoo Boi… they alway working hard to get clients to scam but must you scam ??

please stay away from scam please please

it can never last

work more on your hand work

learn something and be productive please

can you see scam is not easy

use that same energy to work more on your hand work…

learn any skills or trade and start promoting it and make money for you self.

389 thoughts on “Stay Away From Scam

          1. You have to take chances of every opportunity that comes your way because you might never find that chance again in your life time. Cease that opportunity and make good use of it

      1. Oh my God! Scammers no c life come ooo. This one never get training well self…
        I beg, I must work hard, develop more skills, learn more trade……TMC I cannot thank u enough

    1. have been scammed many time and i know how it feels.i keep thanking TMC for what they’re doing…am privileged to be here

  1. Timely!!! I was called by this number 07040594183 fiew minutes from now and he was requesting for my ATM card details… Scam is every where but together we can totally eradicate it…

  2. Lols, my name is skeptical, survey and reseaech. I don’t give in just like that. I took me 2 good weeks if not more than b4 considering TMC. And now, I’m on a right part.

    Pls, take time don’t rush in and rush out. No free money but free mourning

  3. scam. this is very Paramount in this our Nigeria. I believe if u work hard there’s no how u won’t be successful in as much you always tell it to God to bless the work of ur hands and if scamming people is ur choice will u now tell God to bless ur. handworks of which I knw u will receive curse instead of blessings…May God protect us from these people..TMC u are doing well

  4. Beautiful talk, I just hope we youth will get to be grateful for this life changing opportunity and then follow to the latter. #TMCite family.

  5. Thanks to God I found TMC if not I would have been wasting data,time and energy on social media without gaining anything in return.
    Am already practicing what I have learnt so far.

  6. Oh my God! Scammers no c life come ooo. This one never get training well self…
    I beg, I must work hard, develop more skills, learn more trade……TMC is the best

  7. Money made from scam doesn’t last long please stay away know that whatever a man sow he will reap always sow the right character thanks so much

  8. No sammy tales from me. But one thing i laughed out so loud while reading this post that my team mate thought i was watching some b- grade Bollywood comedy flick

  9. No be small thing. The rate at which useless posts are going viral now is quite alarming but tell them about business one comment you no go see

  10. Well i wanna be a big time scammer but I don’t have a good start and I wish you can help me with and I’m willing to be your servant as well ….. Some people wast their time o

  11. They say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I have fallen countless times for scam and it has made me stronger, I now know how to protect myself from the act by making thorough search before venturing into things

  12. To scam people is really bad .one needs to work hard , advertise your business on social media to get more customers.scaming is another no no for me

  13. Please let all be aware and be vigilant. If you see an online business telling you to pay 10k and get 100k without doing anything. Na scam ooooo

  14. Scammer does not have conscience not to talk of how he will feel. Moreover, quick wealth does not last except the one you laboured for. Learn something, engage in training to become money sufficient

  15. It takes a real Individual to work before eating.
    But some set of persons choose to make money in a fast and stress free way involving themselves in risk

  16. Scamming is real.
    You’ll some people spend a lot of time on Facebook wasting their data on irrelevant posts while they can make cool money using TMC platform

  17. Thanks ooo, although I was a victim of scam 4k haaa the thing still dey pain me eehh .
    More over don’t mind those lazy ass there prefer wasting there data on an irrelevant things than acquiring more knowledge, lazy youth

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