Good Morning,


We want to make some announcements and adjustments as regards the use of our social media platforms.


1. The current 10 Days TMC giveaway, will henceforth be done in the as follows

i. 1 winner from the site

ii. 1 winner from Twitter

Comprising two (2) winners daily as stipulated, as question will be posted to Twitter also.


2. Twitter

i. After the current 10 days giveaway on the site, further giveaways will be done on Twitter only.

ii. Live chat with the CEO and Admins

iii. Sharing of experiences by members

Note: Endeavour to have a Twitter Account and follow us @themainceos


3. Telegram

Our Telegram platform is strictly for trainings only.


4. Facebook

Members are allowed to post their testimonies, opinions and lots more on our Facebook Group


5. Complains

members having issues with their account should kindly Send us a message on WhatsApp in the manner below:

i. Your complain (be specific)

ii. Screenshots of Previous and current dashboard

iii. Username

iv. Password

v. Email

Send the above information to +2348136075128


i. Once submitted allow us to work on it,do not persistently send us messages; as you will be notified when it is resolved.

ii. Official time members to submit complains are as follows

Monday – Saturday (9am – 6pm)

Sundays (11am – 6pm)


Thanks for your understanding


From: CEO and Administrative Board of TMC

Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. Thanks for the info
    What a news … Good of TMC to always give vital news of the happening in the society thanks… I very much appreciate.

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