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Good afternoon,

The life of an entreprenuer is not always smooth and sweet at the early stages, because it is a very important stage that has the potential to determine how the business plans can be well implemented, most importantly it can give such business idea a solid foundation or throw it into ruins depending on how it is being handled.

We understand the above, and that is why we are making significant and carefully thought decisions to enable us keep the steam burning and also help us deliver.
In light of the above, we want to thank you for your continuous support, encouragement, understanding during this trying time in our quest of becoming the CEO of our dreams. We also want to appreciate you for your believe in us.

We want to assure you that we will not disappoint you and we’re coming back again stronger and better today, together we will overcome the challenges before us.

Please we also apologize for the inconveniences this might have caused you. But we want you to that we can only get better when we face challenges.

Please read carefully the following announcement:

1.Site Update:
Work is still ongoing on the site, but we promised to be back today and so we want to keep our words so the site is accessible now.
I. Everyone (including those who had issues before) should log in their account on our new dashboard immediately you get this message
II. If you can’t still log in kindly chat any of the admin
III. If your previous earnings does not reflect on your dashboard, don’t panic as we’re still working on the site and be rest assured you’ll get your earnings back as we have the records with us intact.
IV. Once logged in kindly check under marketing option to confirm your affiliate link and also update our profile.
V. Anything that is not right, kindly let us know so we can work it too.

2. Affiliation
You can proceed with registrations of your prospects.

3. Forum activities
You can also continue your normal forum activities on the site such post, comments, etc.

4. Payment
Update coming shortly on forum activities earning payment.

5. Bonus Award
Operation show your work is starting next month as we will be awarding our members with prizes who have been practising and uploading what they learnt in our previous trainings on our Facebook page.

6. Training
Mini Importation training starts tomorrow being 28th April, 2020, time remains 4:00pm daily. Endeavor to be there.

We have been working round the clock since the shutdown to have everything fixed but the workload is much, so we will continue to work until we achieve the best for you. So don’t panic or breed fear over anything rather you can talk to us about any irregularities you notice and we’ll have it fixed.

Cheers to all the CEOs.

We want to thank you once again for your patience, time and understanding.
We value and appreciate you as a member of TMC.

God bless us all

Through: ADMINS Quarters TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC

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  1. Ok ma/sir I was worried because I can’t find the Affiliate earnings is only activities am seeing since u said so no problem am a new member pls how can I join the Telegram group thanks.

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