We want to inform every member of recent happenings.

It is come to our notice the some Fraudsters and ill meaning persons is out to spoil the image of TMC, they have resort to using the name of the CEO to scam and defraud people.

Please we want to address this for the sake of our members so as not to fall victims of such scam and fraud, TMC or The CEO will never send messages of such kind to any member or even the general public.

TMC was, is not and will never be a scam, so we deter you from entertaining any conversation that is not in line with TMC’s mandate.

TMC is Unique in its own way and we know that some persons are not happy with the progress of the platform so they devised means of bring us down but we know that can not happen because we know the backing(God, well meaning individuals and our lovely members) we have in our quest to building CEO who we know will not allow let us down but uphold us anytime, any day, anywhere. That is why we love and value you.

TMC is not a money doubling or Ponzi Scheme Platform like others who we wish not to mention their names (reaping where you did not sow), but a platform where hard work is rewarded; our point is anywhere you see or hear the below:

Pay 5k to get 10k

pay 2k to get 8k

Pay 10k to get 20k

Pay 4k to get 16k

and so on…

Abeg borrow leg and speed from Usain Bolt and run without looking back like Lot’s wife. Those kind of platforms do not mean well for you but to chop your  money and clean mouth like Mama thank Ma.


The name of the CEO still remains Mr. Jinadu Abisola Samuel and Username is @themainceos of all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter),


Note: Only send your details( Username and Password) to the Customer Care alone and to nobody else.

Please let us be guided accordingly and do not hesitate to report any case of fraud to the Customer Care of TMC.


We love  and value you that is why your online safety is our concern.


Below are screenshots


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC

Through: Customer Care TMC




525 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT (A MUST READ)

          1. Tanx for these messages I encountered sth like that I wish one can send through viral share to inform others

  1. Oh No! They even used Jinadu AbisolaThis is really serious o! I’ve seen something lik dis buh I never paid attention bcos I thought of it as SCAM

  2. Anything or anyone that wants you to give 5and get 10 is a reck and not acceleration
    Wealth is something you build overtime and not overnight

  3. Thanks to the admin for his seriousness over this platform ,and how careful he is to manage the platform ,like he said ones you see them,run oo
    It’s does not work anywhere to send 10 k and get 20 k it’s a scam

  4. Let’s take heed and follow instructions.
    Those frauds are everywhere.
    Let’s put more effort here and earn legitimately than looking for quick rich scheme.

    1. The so called scammers will never go unpunished that is one thing I know for sure. TMC will keep on growing bcos we are legit

  5. This is serious!
    People who are desperate to get money this period will only end up losing the little the had… This is a clear warning to all

  6. A great information please and please let do as they say don’t send your money to any one they are useless people God will help sha thanks to the CEO

  7. Honestly I’m not surprise, the rate of Scam is just too and people would always try to take advantage. At these point it up to you, how is it possible to just drop a certain amount and get triple with out labour, just think with your senses , something’s is just not possible psychologically… But the thing is the urge to make money sometimes makes us not realize what you’re getting into…please be wise.

  8. Thanks for d important information so dis people wants to damage d image of d main ceo dey will never bcod dis platform is d best so far may God see us through

  9. We appreciate you for the information
    Scammers are everywhere, it’s only a fool that’ll fall for them
    TMC is the best platform ever.
    Imagine I’m learning and earning at the same time

  10. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

  11. The rate at which scammers are now operating is nothing to right home about. We just have to be careful and not fall as victim into there hands. Thank you TMC for this information.

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