Good day TMCites



We believe everyone is doing well.




Welcome to August the month of  Exceeding Grace and Extraordinary Testimonies.




With Joy and Happiness in our heart we want to appreciate our God Almighty for His endless and marvelous light that shines on our lives to direct our path and lead us in the right direction towards achieving great success in all areas of our lives.




We also want to give gratitude to a loving and wonderful Father who despite our shortcomings He still gives us life and show forth his mercies upon us. We say to Him alone be all Praise, Glory, Adoration and Uplifting.




We are filled with boundless excitement and thanksgiving as we (TMC) is officially 4 Months Old today and we can’t seem to hide our joy at what God has used us to achieve in this space of time. We owe everything to the Father because without him we are nothing.





Happy Birthday to TMC and all TMCites.




Happy New Month CEOs!!!.





From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. Welcome to the month of August. May the good Lord give all the members of this great family reason to rejoice and be glad all through this month and beyond.

  2. Nice to hear that TMC is four months old this August. Coincidentally I am an August pikin. To God be the glory for His mercies. Congratulations TMC!

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