Good evening TMCites,
Today was more like an introduction to training proper but just unlike other training, today’s class was more spirit lifting, motivating, ginger-like and mind preparing for the training proper.
Our guest Mr. Muyiwa Owen did share his success story with us and indeed what a inspiration to draw from him and his success story.
In his words “be a Boss to your staffs and be a boy to your clients”… Indeed this is as truthful and eye opening to business persons.


Below are highlights from the class:




Don’t miss tomorrow’s class for anything.
See you there!!!

157 thoughts on “PRE-TRAINING REPORT

  1. Thanks for the eye opening our able guest speaker nd. Congratulations on your success more win to you
    Nd good luck to we the upcoming ceo’s

  2. I really learn so much from here, I so much appreciate themainceos for this…still the greatest and the best so far, as far as am tmc.

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