Dedication to whatever you are doing not only important but it brings beautiful result and makes you outstanding among your peers. No one has ever dedicated to work and not paying the necessary prices. The prices could be subdue of immediate gratification, insufficient time for personal issues. All these forgone satisfaction will still come to stay when the efforts are yielding the expected result.







Many people who are dedicated to their chosen path are being nickname and receive all sort of names, when the efforts are paying them in different ways his contemporary will not hesitate to tag him as a lucky person. Is only when you are dedicated you can become perfect and when you are perfect in what you do luck and opportunity will never be far from you.








Dedication is a total devotion of attention towards a particular cause and stay in line of such cause to achieve something meaningful and tangible on the long run. But today many persons just don’t want to dedicate either their time, attention, resources, etc towards a particular cause for a great deal of time but want all of a sudden result, but I’d like you to know that whatever comes easy goes way too easily.









Be dedicated, it pays a lot.






Credited: Etundaye Yekini
Edited: James Hilary Chukwuemeka

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