Dear TMCites
We would love to address this before it becomes an issue, kindly note the following and adhere to them strictly to get a better understanding
1. TMC is not a reading news Platform and can never be such
2. We share mindset changing, personal development, creative inculcating, deep reasoning, business ideas and strategies and CEO mentality content on our site to give your life a meaning and help you channel your focus, enthusiasm and dreams to achieving realistic goals and not news of Covid-19, and so on…
3. TMC is an online Income and Empowerment program designed to add value to humanity.
4. Our major focus is on training and that being the reason why we always organize trainings to impact you towards becoming better and not wasting your time, data and energy on the site reading contents all day without having to attend trainings. Now see below:


5. TMC is all about building CEOs through our network for development, we are not seeking out for people who wants where they will come and be reading news as if their life depends on it but rather we look forward to people who have made the decision to become better and do better. Over time you have been reading news on different other platforms let me ask these questions:
i. What value has it added to your life?
ii. Has it gained you a job with CNN, BBC, AIT, NTA or Al Jazeera?
iii. Do you even read the content to get the message or just clicking on it to get whatever is attached to it?
iv. Have you become a thousandnaire or millionaire?
Now we believe the answer to those questions is clear in plain bold black and white, now my questions again: Is it not time you have a change of mindset and seek for something better?
6. Yes! Those other platforms lied to us and we fell cheap for them. Now let’s be realistic here using this illustration to make you understand better:
We believe you all have a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and you buy data to access these platforms, now at the end of the month do you receive any sort of money from them for using their platform?— Capital NO— rather you buy another data bundle to continue using them while you actually gained nothing from them but Mr. Mark is making a whole lot of money from you, now pause for a minute and imagine how this young man sat down to harness this idea that has made him one of the top 10 Billionaires in the world today and here you are thinking of reading news to get paid when you actually have the capacity to think out an idea that will do you and your generation a whole lot good.
7. Imagine your children ask you this ‘When others were making money through creative thinking what were you doing Daddy or Mummy?’—how will it feel to tell them you were busy reading news on different platform up and down… Think about it
8. Any platform that tells you, come and read news and get paid #30, 000 at the end of the month. Please this is a clear and inappropriate lie (even the devil is ashamed of such lies) because the fact be told if you only read news; you do not add anything to the platform but rather you are busy doing nothing and tell me who gets paid for doing nothing?—obviously NOBODY—that is the more reason you do not and can never earn from those sites.
9. At TMC we said we will pay out for activities earning as much as our revenue can carry even though we most times do not generate revenue and we also said it is a bonus to members and not a monthly salary.
10. The training we offer to you for FREE just because you are a member is what some persons paid thousands or hundreds of thousands to learn, it should interest you to know that we acquired all those skills by paying handsomely for them and you still think we are not doing enough for you. Now ask yourself these questions:
Have your government given you anything for FREE since you were born?
What positive impact has the politicians you almost kill yourself for had in your life?
How much would TMC make if we should collect additional fees for trainings?
11. Now we forfeit that huge amount of money to put a smile on your face and show you how to create wealth, and you think we are not fair?
Search through your conscience (if you still have one) and tell me you did be willing to make such sacrifice even for your own family members, how much more a stranger.
12. We have made sure we train you on various different skills that when utilized can earn you money even outside the platform but most persons still do not understand the power of training. But let me share some testimonies.
i. A member organized a training by himself and made #15,000 for himself to teach people Mini Importation. Now is that not equivalent to referring 15 persons?
ii. Another member organized a training by herself and made #10,000 from it in a day for teaching people business card.
iii. Another member did video Jingle for a client for #5,000 and now that person had been employed by a company as their Video Jingle Advert manager. You can imagine how much he will charge.
iv. Another member did a 3D animation video for a client for #4,000.
v. Another member made #25,000 as profit using our VTU platform in the space of weeks.
vi. Another member made #7,000 for designing 3D Logo for a client
The list is endless…
Now ask yourself these questions:
Do these persons have two heads?
Am I doing myself or TMC by not utilizing the opportunity presented to me?
Am I serious to want to make a change or remain the way I am?
13. The things you are neglecting is what others are using to make money maybe you are shy or ashamed your friends will laugh at you, well continue o because when hunger comes and you are broke this same friends will still laugh at you and will never help you. So better be proud of hustle because in the end it is all man for himself in the jungle.
14. We are at TMC have made it a top priority that we are and we will always be sincere to you in all our dealings because without trust there is no connection, business or anything you can think of in life.
15. If you do not want  or fail to work and improve yourself with every necessary skills you can get from us then you stay here is a total waste of time and resources. But we pray you do not end up in this situation.
Finally, if after reading this you think we have not and we are not trying then I did suggest you take the back door and leave TMC. It hurts to lose a member but it is a greater joy when such member is an ungrateful, insubordinate and inhumane fellow.
All up line forward this to your down line and prospect as soon as possible.
From: James Hilary Chukwuemeka
Through: CEO and Administrative Quarters TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. of a truth, you guys are trying by all done and doing to improve society for better life.
    sincere speaken, i really love all the training which has been going on the telegram, i always love to be there, but recently i encountered theif that make me lost my laptop, tab 3 and smartphone, but i did join you guys time to time using my friend phone, because this one am using couldn’t do telegram, i pray to get money to buy new one soon, it just this lockdown, no job no salary.
    thank you boss for all the good doing, i can’t wait to join you guys soon, even people that are getting change through the platform is my joy
    my regard to all the faithful members with you, i joined this platform due to the name when they refered me, indeed THE MAIN CEO is as the name implied. love youuu

  2. This words really pierced through my heart, I am touched and I am moved by this. I have been following up TMC master class, but at a point I stopped. After reading this, I promise my self to resume from where I stop. Thanks for this.

  3. While reading the news items is good for enlightenment and better understanding of the platform, I wish to encourage members to participate more in the trainings. No CEO is made through reading of news.

  4. On a more sincere note, you guys are really trying and putting every effort just to see that people are not stranded and putting smile in everyones face and I applaud you greatly for that. Just as you have said how many site or how many organizations would set up a training on different skills for individuals and not collect money in return? The answer is NO SITE. But you guys have taken this upon yourselves to offer us free training without cost but for our benefits and if anyone is saying you guys are not trying, then I suppose the person is not meant for this platform. Thank You TMC for all you do.

  5. This platform is more than just a reading and earning platform, there are so much opportunities and development content. Forever grateful tmc

  6. I am moved by this. I have been following up TMC master class, but at a point I stopped. After reading this, I promise my self to resume from where I stop. Thanks for this.

  7. Truth be told….TMC is the best platform I’ve ever encountered….with all the training and all…even giveaway and bonus at the end of the month

  8. You shall know the truth and it will set u free. Instead hiding under shadows and be defrauding people it is better to say the reality. I love u guys and I have never regretted joining you guys. Kudos to the CEO and the admins.

  9. We’re sorry for our misconception and insensitivity, TMC is actually doing better thank any platform that I’ve heard about, well get there someday.

  10. Best platform.. Tmc making us Ceos in the nearest future and not some kind of people who reads news as if that’s the only thing we were born for… Thanks for this opportunity.

  11. Best platform.. Tmc making us Ceos in the nearest future and not some kind of people who reads news as if that’s the only thing we were born for… Thanks for this opportunity.

  12. We’re sorry for our misconception and insensitivity, TMC is actually doing better thank any platform that I’ve heard about, well get there someday.

  13. We’re sorry for our misconception and insensitivity, TMC is actually doing better thank any platform that I’ve heard about, well get there someday…best platform

  14. So true though. Our certificates won’t earn us jobs but our skill will. I feel sad when I see our young people going for any course a school gives to them because they just want to finish school and have a certificate

  15. You know people fail to understand this because most don’t read presentation write up.for those that are upline learn to tell your downliner the truth before they join

    1. My mindset in the first place about this platform when my friend Introduced it to ,I thought it was scam,but now I can really access it that is confirmed and helping.

  16. Thanks for the information and update. I’m indeed greatful for all this opportunities even though i joined TMC few weeks ago,I know the sky is the beginning for me. A big THANK YOU to themainceos and it’s crew.

  17. Yes is true that we don’t earn money from other platform. Then wasting of our data and money. But right now that TCM give us opportunity to earn money. What else, our youth need to join TMC since is not a scarm.

  18. Anyone complaining is an ingrate . TMC is really really doing is well far better than our government….. Education without skills is no more of value and TMC is here to help us acquire skills and add value to our lives…..u re d best TMC.

  19. Yes oh this platform is not just for giving news. Good Mind setting write up are been given which has really been helping directly or indirectly… God bless tmc

  20. Uhmmm this really touched my heart….. We neglected our primary assignment and run after money, we’ll surely make amend…. We’re deeply sorry TMC

  21. Thanks TMC FOR this, degrees with out skills is nothing, cos we can’t b waiting for white collar job, how many companies have been established this year that all the graduate will be waiting for to get job?
    Having other skills also matters

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