Good Morning,

Information reaching us from our customer care section is that many members do not read announcements or follow instructions and they end up calling or  sending a message on WhatsApp to our customer care requesting for announcement to be forwarded to them or asking for information that has been treated in the announcement.

Please, we detest such and also deter our members form doing such. As we always make sure announcements are made regularly to keep you updated.

The customer care is there to help you rectify any issue but if you decide to skip reading announcements and go ahead to call or WhatsApp them asking questions that already been treated in the announcements they will not attend to you. please be guided accordingly.

For those having issues with regards to affiliate earning or TMC points, contact the customer care with the following information below and be polite in submitting your complain:

1. Complaint attached with

i. Screenshots of Previous ( before site upgrade) and current dashboard

ii. Username and Password

iii. Email address


Note: every Upline should forward this to their doiwnlines immediately.


We will appreciate if you heed to this announcement and follow the instructions as prescribed.


Thanks for your understanding


From: The CEO and Administrative Quarters of TMC

Through:  Customer Care TMC

495 thoughts on “MUST READ

  1. please lets read announcements and follow instructions, we should stop calling or sending a message on WhatsApp to the customer care requesting for announcement to be forwarded us and asking for information that has been treated in the announcement. thanks guys.

  2. Thanks for the information, we all shouldn’t be reading news alone, we should endeavor to read the announcement too, a vital information can be passed across to us through it

  3. Thanks admin your really trying y
    To keep all members updated, everyone should try to adhere and work, base on this announcement and enjoy confortable earnings at Tmc.

  4. Thanks for letting us know
    pls let us kindly abide by the rules giving to us and we should stop calling the customer care if we dont have any reasonable issue to lay down or complain about

  5. Hope some poeple are not here to look for favor from the administrators… U saw announcement treating d same issue u have but no,
    u won’t read, u go straight to the admin so that they ll notice u…. Chai poeple oo

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  8. When something vital is posted let’s endeavor to read it in order not to be asking questions that will be taking us back instead of forward

  9. Oya una Don hear as the point for untop the TMC Marino’s deck do cap say, anybody way get the Intel base on how things take they Waka and him con come to strike chiefs for momour say Dem go shenk am

  10. Additionally, please in order not to make the whatsapp group not flooded with unnecessary informations, make the admins the only ones to send messages.

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