Must Read!

Hi TMCites

there are something in life we don’t understand about social media!

social media has pass the level of uploading pictures, watching porn , and so on

social media is money !

if you subscribe for 3 or 5GB in a month and you don’t earn at  least  10k on that same month..
I guess we need to talk better.


As from Monday , I will start sharing some business we can start doing and start making money on the site.

let me clear this again ..

TMC is ready to make you realize and discover your ability on social media not by just be wasting your time….

check out !

we are not reading news site but we pay you for reading content as bonus and you get paid for referral bonus weekly..


ask your self!

you have been joining those reading news site, what your gain ???
Ask your self, why are those reading news sites they operate for 3 months, close up and open a new one…

Have you ask yourself, why those sites also having version 2??
there is a site with over 500k members wipe up last two week and open a new site called it version 2 and some of my people are still joining!


If you are interested in reading news site and get paid of 30k by month end!! That what they are telling you.. Go and join

if you get paid for 20k or 30k for just reading news I will give you extra 20k again but it’s not even possible.

ask your self

this year is going, what have you achieve ??

its by reading news and get paid 3k will help you ??

My name is Jinadu Abisola Samule, I have worked for many sites as the main admins in Nigeria, their CEO’s always seeking advice from me but the way they think is very low!

No good vision for members but they are trying !

Some of them, will open a platform, after getting over 10k members, they will close up and open new one!
I know how they operate,that why I’m begging you to make use of your time well!

themaincoes is the first to bring this kind of pattern to Nigeria but u can also think of what new you can bring again and make it better….


Someone chatted me up and saying , he want to open a website like TMC ,I ask him, what is the purpose of opening the website, he couldn’t answer, he said , no purpose but to make money 💰…i smiled…


We have them many out there….



learn how to catch fish!

learn skills to improve your business

be self independent and make money daily



Change your thinking…

almost 75% members now understand TMC

what wrong with you ??
if it’s Afililating, start telling your friends and family about TMC register them and earn and start a business…


we paid over #300,000 and a lot don’t want to withdraw, I guess they are saving which I love that ..

a lady withdrew #27,000 yesterday for referral bonus, she has no two heads with that you can do better than that..


I want to go school, sorry oh , you are not the first and u can’t be last..

Most  our skills can get you a lot of money even while in school….

You are a singer,comedian or even a dancer

what are you doing ??
You are inside just singing, disturbing everyone at home..

instead of you  do a instagram videos, keep posting  and start building your fans ..

you are saying God will do it …okey God first son

we taught you Facebook advertising, you can’t use that to promote your talent or chat our themainceos to help you upload your songs on the site

Entertainers   go for competition, go for rap battle and make sure you win..



This is coming, are you ready for it ??
you have beauty and you don’t want to go for miss TMC


who is doing you??

any opportunity you see, grab it and let them know , who knows ,anything can happen.


we are on telegram doing Traning and a lot are doing business transactions, what are you doing ??
you saying oh! I don’t have capital, you don’t have what??

why do we have affiliate marketing business??

it you ca refer your friends and family and get paid but end of the weekly and you can use that to start up business!


Its not until you have  100k or 200k before you can start business..

stay here, as from Monday , We will start Posting some business you can do with token as started making it big!

everything is stage by stage!



Are you ready for this ??
you must know this and make money from it !
there  are a lot of packages for us!

Let just think!

run away from reading news site, make use of your time here and invest in your future.

you read news there

you read contents here

you get paid for referral bonus there

you get paid for high referral bonus here too!

what else do they offer ??


here in TMC

Once you understand how TMC is operating , you will never jump from one site to another again but to focus on your future….
Those that understand, congrats

those that find it difficult to understand, God will open your eyes of understanding..

but please, make use of your time!


everyone please  go and join the telegram group chat..

it’s a must for all members.



Do something,

learn something

Sell something

Do online business more

focus on themainceos

People going into networking, join a good networking program..

networking with products, what I’m saying is that, join a networking that sell products, networking that has something to offer ,if not just focus on and keep Training those that into networking.

don’t just be wasting your  time





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  1. Wow. This is amazing, TMC is really helping us. Thanks. And for those that have not join, you better do before your children will ask you what were you doing when your mate are out there making it. Join Themainceos and learn how to catch a fish for yourself.

  2. Thanks a lot Tmc all this privileges you’re giving to us is indeed wonderful.. Thanks so much for jot allowing us waste our time unlike some other platforms.

  3. I just love this platform since I joined my thinking changed I only thought it’s about just reading news and earning but there is more to learn in Themainceo may God continue to raise our boss higher you are indeed a blessing to my generation

  4. I really like how this platform operates all this news and earn platform has taught me a lot of lessons this platform remains the best

  5. Thanks for the update and enlightment. Money is everywhere. I want to go into VTU and DATA business but I still don’t know how to go about it. I have been sent the link though but I’m still confused on what to do. I will be glad if someone can put me through it.

  6. Waooo this is amazing, TMC is really helping us. Thanks. And for those that have not join, you better do before your children will ask you what were you doing when your mate are out there making it. Join Themainceos and learn

  7. Themainceos are the best platform ever online other platform that have been receiving different messages from.
    I received a message from someone asking my to invest with some amount and I will get paid within the next few minutes.
    Happy money making

  8. Thanks. And for those that have not join, you better do before your children will ask you what were you doing when your mate are out there making it. Join Themainceos and learn how to catch a fish for yourself.

  9. Hummmmm……nah so.this really got me thinking… A word is enough for the wise. God will surely open our eyes of understanding in Jesus name.

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