We wish to announce that due to popular and high demand from our members (especially new members), we will be having a 3-Day training on Mini Importation scheduled as follows:
Date: 27th – 29th May, 2020
This is the best time to invite your friends and family to come and learn and also make money for yourself.
We have been receiving quite a number of calls from our members who have been making money from skills acquired from our training program, below are just few testimonies.
A member taught a group of people on Mini Importation and made #15,000 for the first training and the said member just concluded the second training.
Another member made #10,000 from teaching people how to design a business card.
Another member made #15,000 just from using our VTU platform in a space of days.
Another member has been signed by a company to be their business video jingle producer after he made a video for #5,000 for a client
Another member called to appreciate and donate to TMC for how he is now a better person through our training and continuous words of motivation.
From the above you could see how TMC creates for your avenues to make money and you do still not want to do anything, but want to always be on the site marking attendance I guess. We advice you start up something and not stay idle, manner does not fall from heaven anymore you have to work your way to success because there is nothing like luck in success.
Success is simply put Preparation + opportunity.


Happy Pay Day to our Affiliate earners for today…


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. Wow….this is very good at list this training will ausher participants in to a new beginning….TMC three gbosa for you, you guys are doing a great job

  2. This platform is truly amazing……everyone is talking about you guys…..a platform that train you to be a good entrepreneur and still pay you every month end……I will say team TMC is the bomb

  3. Whao!
    Thanks to themainceos for this wonderful opportunity in bringing back the training on mini importation
    I vehemently appreciate
    God bless you!

  4. Guys don’t miss out on this opportunity. They say opportunity comes but once. Do well to sign up with themainceos and thank me later. Thanks TMC.

  5. Thanks TMC though I wasn’t here when it was thought thanks and behalf of those that benefits from it, and pls I will also like to know about it

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