Good Morning TMCites,


Trust we are all doing great.
Today we want to give room to celebrate our members who have served the nation through the National Youth Service Corp Scheme, as we acknowledge the fact the is not easy and also it’s another stage of life that every student within the prescribed age by law will and must undergo and this set of persons here have gone, saw and conquered.
We’re aware of the procedure for their POP, which according to the DG of NYSC has said will run for a period of 10 days (28th May – 10th June 2020) due to the social distancing guidelines as brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
So, we will be celebrating every Batch B1 Corp members who will Pass Out within this period at the end of the 10th day of the POP.
Therefore, if you find yourself in this group of persons and wish TMC family to join you celebrate this achievement in your life, we will need you do the following:
Requirements needed from corp members
1. Full Name
2. State of Origin
3. Discipline
4. State of deployment
5. PPA (Primary Place of Assignment)
6. Assigned duty in PPA
7. Aspirations
8. Motivations
9. Institution attended
10. Brief message for PCM (Prospective Corp Members) and serving corp members.
11. Social Media handles (optional)
12. Picture (with NYSC Kit only)
13. Marital status
14. Brief TMC experience
15. Commendation/message to TMC
16. Brief NYSC/PPA experience
Application fee: FREE
Forward the above information to us on +2348136075128 (WhatsApp only)
Congratulations to you all and we pray for smooth and hitch free POP


  1. I give a big thanks to TMC, for using this great opportunity to congratulate all the upcoming corps members in our country. I wish them all the best in there service.

  2. Wawu, TMC you’re doing well. Congratulations to all corp members passing out. May guide you through the next level or stage of your life. Amen.

  3. Wow this is really such a good thing oo
    That we can still wish and celebrate ourselves on this platform
    Thank you TMC for this opportunity
    And also congratulations to all our corp members

  4. Weeeeeeeeee ooooo

    Congratulations to me and to all my fellow Batch B1 Corp members. The lands are falling in pleasant places for us all ijn Amen

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