Hi TMCites,

happy sunday and happy new month in advance..

next month is a month of many opportunities again!

write down what you  gain this month and what you are lacking and work on it next month!


we are in the world where white hate black ,black hate black , Christian hate Muslim and so on..

Please STOP IT


a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship. : a person you love in a romantic way.

that our own definition!


check again

1 Corinthians 13:4-5

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

Now that love patient, do you for once have patient to react to your friends and family??

any small thing, you don start shouting, common , life is not like that.

Love is kind, have you ever show kindness to your friends and family, it’s only your self ??
life is not like that my people..

if your indeed you love your friends and family around you, you suppose to show them a way to  success.
money is not everything, relationships matter a lot.

let start from here , you are saying .TMC is the best , TMC is this and that.. you inviters your friends and family to also come and enjoy it???

ha ba…

Those that cash our 30k weekly and above .its the love they have for you that why they invited you here in TMC. Make sure you appreciate them immediately After  reading this post.
Don’t forget while inviting them , you also make money ..

okey, they don’t have money for registration and some of them has talent and you are aware that there is TMC talent competition coming up soon, why don’t you use your activities points to register them ???

ha you are wicked.


Don’t tell me , ehn, when I have 10 million I will start helping….NO

Start from small, show kindness to your friends and family.. tell them about the goodness of TMC and see maybe you will not cash out weekly.


Oh! I’m a Christian oh , I can’t do business transactions with Muslim…

oh I’m a Muslim, I can’t marry a Christian.. ha ha

Check this

John 15:12

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

Christian , God said , love each other not only Christian family only but any one around you.


“The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy” [Quran 49:10].

By equating all believers as brothers, or family, the Holy Quran sets another reminder for us all that we must love one another as part of a wider family of humankind. Love should not and cannot be limited to romantic love or spousal love, and instead should be utilized to help build a society of merciful and respectful brothers and sisters.

can you not see now !
mean that Bible  and Quran has clear it all!

i am Jinadu Abisola Samule , i am Christian but once practice Muslim due to my grandpa was a chief Imam in one big central mosque in ikorodu.

most of my clients I’m working for now , 70% of them are Muslim.
Just imagine i see one beautiful Muslim sister with good shape and know how to care for husband😋

i will marry her but God first.

what I’m trying to say is that .. love everyone around you.




don’t ever say you  can’t do transactions with anybody’s but remember God first.

show love to your friends and family.

your friends is selling, you can’t buy from them , give them referral and you can’t help them to repost

ha, ha ha

you are wicked!

Some people want see their friends selling bag rate of #2500  instead of buying it from them at that rate , they will go out side to buy it at rate if #3500


Please stop .

support your friends and family!

now that , we are ready for business.

If you don’t help your friends and family to repost or give them referral for theirs business, don’t expect it in returns.

happy money making.


339 thoughts on “LOVE SETTLE THE MATTER

  1. And as well most people failed to understand that they need to help each other for both of them to succeed. Thank you sooooo much for this words of encouragement…

  2. Thank you tmc for your encourage, yes love is all that matters, when have love you will never discriminate, you will take people along to help them

  3. Graphics design, video editing, 3d logo design and phone photoshopping. Those are what i lacked. Then these are what I gained, mini importation, how to use image and search for a product, how to go about ordering of products and so much more. Let love leads.

  4. Love is the most important thing. This is the only platform I’ve seen the admin not only interested in making money, but also morally supportive of their members.

  5. True talk from TMC boss, God is love, if you claim to love God whose you did not see, how much more human whom you see on daily basis. Love is important therefore we should love one another.

  6. I strongly believe that love can settle and is still settling any matter. If you believe with me, then show it in your religious circle, marriage, family, business, relationship, etc.

  7. Love is good, love is sweet, love is a beautiful thing. Let tolerate each other be it Muslim, Christian we all worship same God. This are words of wisdom and encouragement. Let be guided, thanks to TMC.

  8. Love takes the lead over everything. Without God there is no love cos God is Love. And you can only give when you love. TMC thanks for the love that I driving you to give. May you never crush

  9. Love your neighbors as God has lived you! These are very great words, God help all of us to do that. tMC has also showed us how to do that in their own lil way… Thank you

  10. Yes is true that love is everything but but you only the fools don’t know because English people says that,he that neglect the lesson of history repeats the mistake of tomorrow

  11. Love is the first thing we need to have. According to TMC love they help people by not be ignorant. God loves who help themselves. Great TMC

  12. Hummmm.I did not go against loving one another, but at times love can be hurting, no matter what you do for them they will never appreciate it.let just do the little we could do to help and may God help us….

  13. We are in a world where we love ourselves… won’t even be surprised if a family betrays and deceive you…..We should learn to show genuine one to one another because love settles the matter

  14. Great epistle and write up.. Indeed love conquers everything. A loving heart attract beautiful things, choose to have a loving heart today. Thanks TMC for this.

  15. Love does not fear anything, Love settle all disputes,love is patient and with patience everything is under control cos God is Love…. Proud to be one of the tmcites

  16. Oh deep
    God we help us to put it into practice
    God is Love and we must Love
    Thanks to TMC for the Love shown to us by creating this platform
    May God Bless everyone of us on this platform

  17. And as well most people failed to understand that they need to help each other for both of them to succeed. Thank you sooooo much for this words of encouragement

  18. The major problem the world is facing is lack of love when there is genuine love, corruption, selfishness and inequalities will not be found!!! Thanks TMC.

  19. Love your neighbor as yourself. One of the greatest gift God bestowed to mankind. Do this and be saved. Thanks TMC for this priceless piece of information.

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