Let settle the matter

Good morning TMCites,

how you doing ??
congrats to those that make withdraw for Affiliate earning and payment is going on

and Congrats to our members that Make withdraw for non referral payment this midnight. Payment start on Monday for that ! and it will take us 1 week to sort it out and you will be sent a mail to send us your Facebook profile link.


i believe we are family and we gat to understand our self better !
Let me start from here , before you complain or disturb your upliner  Please have you check our terms and conditions??
in case you know how to check it …click here

And always check the announcements on site ,Facebook group chat and co!

Before i proceed , check the usefulness of your activities points  click here


No Afililating marketing will pay you for readings news , they will do at first and later stop..

let me open your eyes small..

there one Afililating marketing business was lunch 2016 and close down 2018 ..

that same person that own it open another one and call it version 2 but you guys still join and it have been close again !
Those that refers get upper hand in any business that why they are making it on networking business.

since then all those Afililating  started open after he introduces that and they keep doing the same things and keep promising you will get paid  30k for reading news which can never be possible ..

but you can get paid 100k if your refer your friends and family.

you will start using all your time and data to be reading news from Monday to Friday without facing your life issue !

go and check ..
All those Afililating marketing do the same by saying come and read news to get paid but TMC own is different unless you want to lie and we are proud of our family but some of us need to get this right!

there are a lot of popular Afililating marketing here in Nigeria has gone with no impact

the only way you  make money from them is by referral.. that all

here in TMC

We gave you different way to make money for you self..

name it .. what do you want ??
you can make money from our services, Traning , Entertainment aspect, vtu business  and 3 new projects coming up and there is no how you will not earn 100k in first transaction!

a lot have been thinking on how to use there talent to win this coming competition and make money for their self .

You can also prepare for that and use your talent!

work ! Work!


see again

Non member has start doing registration to participate and you a member,what  are you doing ??

future is the main thing!

check here to get more information about the competition.

We gave out loan to 5 members and promise to give it out to 10 members  or more  by July..

you are not to small to help the family by bringing your money to borrow members for business and get it back remember  we give out loan without no interest.

The next batch coming up soon

You don’t even think about it and start planning about it !
those that make withdraw for activities earning .. don’t bother to apply for loan please moreover your record  is here..

Those that got those loan last week use the points for advertising and one of them earn 25k as profits and the rest 13k and co

see massive profits.. those profits is for them ..


we also told you, you  can  use your points has epin to register your friends and family..

you are even wicked!

i am sure you have a friend or family member  that can participate in the upcoming entertainment competition and I guess the person don’t have money for registration.. why don’t you use your points for them to participate!!

see ehn!

as we teach you how to make money, we also teaching you how to love your friends and family is not everything  but relationships is the main thing ..



we taught you different training.. a lot has been making money from it .. you are at home saying

God will do it ..



A lot of Members has been sharing testimony and doing well on what we taught them  and more still coming up soon..
what are you doing with what we taught you ??



I said keep your activities point…

next month, we are promoting everyone business.

can you afford pay 10k for advert?

some of us has order from China and we don’t think  how to market it !


you that start business with 30k and you want to use 10k for advert or 5k

does it make sense where you can advertise it for free and make  sales with your activities points !



a lot of members has been making us proud and I pray you grow more in your business!


What are you doing with the little Amount with you ??
please do something!

Think of what to do !

you can be a marketer by just be referring your friends and family here to succeed!

once you earn and you are to start business with it !


someone said

he work for the activities earning!

and he must get paid by month ending..

yes you must but do you meet up before you withdraw??
If it’s viral share you said you working for..

you can leave it.. God and our loyal family members will do it

keep your points for future uses..

If TMC is not for you ! There is exit door but we will be glad to have you back dear .

you only to work for referral earning and work on what we are teaching you..

learn something and do something..

end of the months is just a bonus for us.

Good news

we are to open the Non referral portal again this night !

get ready

make sure you have share a viral share from April 15 to may 15

please if you don’t meet up ..don’t withdraw please..

don’t give us stress Please…

we are not going to lie to you..

we can’t pay those that join us by may ending and leave those that join us by April or beginning of the month!


but for your Affiliate earning

ha ba… it’s every week no doubt .


get it straight now!

if you join us by ending.. wait till next batch..

those that get paid for non referral last month!

don’t apply , let the new set apply..

you focus on referring and training with business and prepare for the competition coming up soon .


I guess with this

we are able to settle the matter like this !

i love you all and I want the best for you !

stop wasting you time on social media Please.


any complain after this , we are to cancel the monthly bonus and focus on the rest!

Thanks you.




286 thoughts on “Let settle the matter

  1. I love how you analysed everything, it was quite understood.. Thanks for the encouragement and training. We shall comply with everything you have said by referring others also to share in this awesome family TMC.. Thanks.

  2. This is so true…..thank you TMC for the update……I am truly learning and earning which no other platform can offer…..but I truly appreciate TMC for their love

  3. This is quit unfair o…
    There was no notification concerning opening of non referral Portal….
    Av waited all through the month for this, now all to no avail…
    Am so disappointed, candidly!…….

  4. Waoooooo interesting. This write up has been a blessing to me………tmc thanks. It’s a way to earn. …will do just that…kudos to tmc…..

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