Learn Some Experience

Hi CEO’s

How you doing ?


life is about target and somehow life is not fair.

life is not fair for those that don’t prepare on time

remember God first

the 30k, 40k you are you earning in a month, use it well remember some are still looking for that.


you will be saying


once I finish my NYSC

I  will get a job


its possible and I wish everyone well but Incase it turn somehow

before it too late

do something, learn  a skills , improve the skills And take the skills to the next level !


in the next 5 years to come, every jobs will be online

365 thoughts on “Learn Some Experience

  1. Thanks for this advice team TMC… gave the youth advice that most parents would fail to give….I’m happy in part of TMC….tho I an entrepreneur

  2. Its a new day, and am feeling so exited and motivated as I find my on this platform. Data, Low Battery or whatever can’t hold me back.

  3. I have choose a right website of my choice god thank you for opening my eyes to choose this website I am really enjoying here and encourage myself here well well with de post that I’m seeing here

    1. God Bless This Website this website can never ever go down na ahead ahead because there is a lot of interesting things here if you are not yet registered here you are missing a lot

    1. Hmm, you are right. One have to make use of this opportunity and learn as much as we can. Most importantly to make good use of what we learn.

  4. The video is highly motivational
    Self dicosvery and skill acquisition is just the way to go in this fast changing and technology driven world

  5. Basic true, what you have in yourself live forever. Your Skill is you. Life is a journey, stay healthy to be happy. What you live doing will definitely bring you such. Add to values. Thanks TMC

  6. A great advice don’t wasted your skill we strong to clamp the top the mountain show your skill stop keep it and wait for A long years that you just want to banker

  7. This is true, even the Government has told Nigerians to learn a skill or too and not depend solely on their certificatey, no knowledge is a waste

  8. Hmm… Great talk. Every day, TMC gives me more reason to be happy that I’m a part of this great move.
    A big thank you to the facilitators of this organization.

  9. Thanks TMC at least people will know they can’t survive through white collar jobs alone and not everyone can even get employed into white collar jobs come to the main CEOs

  10. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

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