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About the platform
Welcome to the TheMainCeo’s Empowerment and Income Program, The #1 Nigeria most trusted legitimate online money making website that pays subscribers with affiliate commission, activities earning and empowerment programs for our subscribers in different spheres of life.
Here In TheMainCEO’s our sole aim is to provide job opportunities and alternative sources of income.
This program is specifically for people who are in need of;
Jobs or Business
Higher income
Alternative sources of income
Skills Acquisition and personal development
Our vision is to achieve the following:
Create jobs.
Provide skills acquisition.
Financial Empowerment
Reduce crime rate.
Reduce depression.
Educate people.
Develop the economy.
Reduce pressure on government.
Provide alternative sources of income.
Creating a community of people, helping each other to grow.
Membership Benefits
Apart from making sure interested people experience and enjoy the online earning opportunity, TheMainCeo’s focus on 5 things which are:
We ensure and assist our members to secure admissions and also enroll them with our partners when they gain admission in case they have issue with payments of fees or something happen to their sponsors.
Empowerment Programs
There will be empowerment training every 2 weeks for our members on following:
I) Mini Importation Business
ii) Digital Marketing and also give you over 190 paid courses to improve your social media skills for FREE
iii) Web and Graphic Design
iii) Live training and so on
How to create engaging content
How to run Facebook ads
How to profitable Instagram ads
Real Estate marketing
Mini importation Business
Introduction to Fabrics Business
The Main CEO’S VTU AND Date Business
Smartphone Photography
Graphics Design
Android Application Development
Video Production and Editing
Bag Making
Bitcoin and Cryto-currencies
Cakes and Snacks Making
CCTV Installation
Computer Networking
Cream Making
Cyber Security
Digital Marketing
Ethical Hacking
Event Planning
Fish Farming
Fashion Design
Forex Trading
Hair Making
iOS Application Development
Importation and Exportation
PC Application Development
PC Repair
Pig Rearing
Phone Repair
Search Engine Optimization
Snail Farming
Soap Making
Solar Installation
Vehicle Programming
Video Editing
Website Development
Skin Care Production
We make sure we set up our members who are interested in business and if probably you are one of our lucky winners in that month, we have something big for you. In case you are interested to promote your business on social and you want us to be your social media manager, send us a mail or contact our Customer Care for more info.

We give out loan to members without no  interest,

check out the first set HERE


We have partnership with many Estate companies in Nigeria, we are plan on assisting many of our members who will be interested in acquiring a land and building beautiful home of their dreams; with our flexible payment plans (installment payment or full payment) and you can also invest in real Estate and start getting paid yearly for 10 years.
We offer the below services to both members and non members
We can help you import anything you want get it to you door step without any issue
We offer our members an opportunity to become partners with our distributors in fabrics business and we give you a promotion offer to boost your business immediately you start .
Note: Do you know you can start mini importation business OR fabric business with #10,000 and earn almost #50,000 in month?, we are expecting members to engage themselves on the platform and start up something and we help you with adverts.
We can help in design any Kind of logo or banner that suits your business.
We are very good in this aspect, we help members and non members to generating high traffic for your business (both existing and new).
We can promote your entertainment career here and also participate on the coming competition click here
Our Business Slogan: You will sell and they must buy from you…
We can build or develop any kind of website of your choice at an affordable price.
We design T-shirts, house wall paper, design and produce beautiful suit for both men and women.
We can help you get a land or house of your choice and arrange a flexible payment for you
How To Earn Money And Be The MainCeos
Monthly Revenue Share
Our subscribers/participant earns money via activities point by doing the following:
Welcome bonus of 1600 Points
Daily login 100 Points
Engagement (comment) in the forum discussion (20 Points)
Sharing of a viral post on Facebook (300 Points)
content view per post (5 Points)
Affiliate Commission
You become an affiliate member after a successful registration. You will be earning a huge commission of 63.75% = N1,020 per each person you refer to join the forum through your referral link or username. The more you refer to participate, the more 63.75% commission earning. So mathematically, If you can refer 10 people to take advantage of TheMainCeo’s empowerment and income program, you will be earning N10,200 Naira in a day.
Anyone with daily expense and those who are CEO or wish to be a CEO can take part of TCM empowerment and income program. It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduate, Job Seekers, Business persons, Bloggers, single mothers, Housewife’s OR anyone who wish to earn money online. Take this advantage and invite all your family, friends, Facebook friends, Instagram followers, WhatsApp contact and start earning from your online presence rather than wasting precious time online without earning from your daily, weekly and monthly subscription.
If you are a student , getting involve with TMC Income program is a beautiful decision as an affiliate, a distributor or an TMC real Estate agent because there are a lot of students like you on campus who need cash daily. The economy is not friendly at all we all know what is going on in the country now. But with our collective effort God will help us.
Employers are now hiring less full-time employee and some are busy sacking their employees all because of the advance in technology update.
Becoming an affiliate and get involved with earning opportunities online is the best option for you. As an affiliate marketer, you can get capital and be the CEO of your life.
Notice: Keep your mind away from Internet Fraud or Cyber Fraud (Yahoo Yahoo), there are lot of ways to make money online which we will be explaining and one of them is affiliate marketing business
So stay away from SCAM PLEASE
How To Register And Get Started
To join TMC Forum, you need to purchase TMC Forum Guild Kit And Membership E-Book with a token amount of N1,600 Naira only (one time payment). You can make payment online using your ATM card or online banking or using E-PIN. You can send a WhatsApp message to 08175059392 to get E-PIN for registration.
How To Cash Out/ Earning Withdrawal
Affiliate Minimum withdrawal is N3,000. Withdrawal is paid out every weekend.
Affiliate earning are the bonus you got from referring your friends and  family you invited to the site be the CEO of their life.
withdraw on Friday and get paid on weekend very certain.
Customer Care Services
We also provide services for members who might have any issues. So please contact us, as we are here to serve you better.
In Summary
The registration membership fee is #1,600
Welcome back bonus of 1600 Points
Affiliate commission is 63.75% = #1,020
Agent/Distributors earns 9.4%
Daily login (100 Points)
content view per post (5 points)
Engagement (comment) in the forum discussion (20 Points)
Sharing of a viral post on Facebook (300 Points)
Get access over 190 courses on social media
Get access to our Real Estate land and start payment with the flexible plan.
Get empowered with any of our services for FREE
Withdrawal Threshold is #3,000 
Affiliate/Referral earning is been paid weekly
Referral is optional
Note: There is no payment as regards activities point accumulation on our platform. So therefore, we are under no obligations to make such payment except in cases, where we deem it fit to compensate our members for the month and such will be done at our discretion; as it is just a bonus for our members. 
Let’s get this clear, it is not hence we advice our members to join our training programs and learn a skill and thereafter proceed to monetize such skills learnt.
Uses of Activities  Points
Take note 
While doing that,please focus on training,build your self up,learn new things and make money for your self because government can not do it all.
We are sharing this to show you everything about us and please we do not want you to complain and when you have any issue please contact our customers care and express your feelings and as they attend to you with care.
We believe in teaching you how to catch fish than given you fish. 
If you are here and want to focus on reading contents without doing anything, please do have a rethink very well before you join us.
If you have a business idea, kindly come over as we work together to achieve it.
Guess what ?
Working and making money in the comfort of your home or wherever you are with TMC Income.
Want to be your own boss? Then join TMC Affiliating is a good starting point and an excellent choice for you.
Make money online legitimately into your bank account and be the CEO of your life proudly brought to you by The Main Ceos…

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