Learn From Your Mistakes

Hi TMCites

how you doing ??


what is mistake??

an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong.

Another definition

mistake. A mistake is an error, a goof, a slip-up. When you make a mistake, you’ve done something incorrectly. Mistake has a lot of uses, but they all have to do with doing the wrong thing. A mistake in math class will result in the wrong answer, but a mistake with a gun could get someone killed.

check my chat with one of new member on themainceos

I do tell you , any business you see, pat this and get this within 30 mins , run away …

they ask them to pay 30k and get paid of 150k in the next 24hours and he drops it!

ha ha ha

Is not that they use charm on him.. he is a greedy man

just think , you pay 30k and you are expecting 150k in the next 24hours !
ha ha ha

ask your self ,where is the money coming from ?

what and what can generate the money ?

I will blame them But you !

hope u have learnt your lesson now ??


A guy was chatting with me and trying to introduce a platform to them

That guy has introduced almost 7 platforms to me and yesterday own is the 8th one..

he told me , I will just read news for 7hours

ha 7hours ???

Ask your self, you have been joining those platform for reading news and earn, apart from referral bonus which it’s normal.

what did you gain ??


learn from your mistake please..

this lady was chatting with me up about Design.

For example

she registered with 1600 and the person that referred her get her referral bonus #1120 and since then, she has been doing well by referring her friends and family and getting paid weekly.

now she was able to learn this from themainceos and earn almost 13k and still counting..

wait oh !

what else are you looking for??
if she busying reading news up and down in different platform, will she able to learn that ??

please, let wake up and learn from our mistakes..

Do something before something do you !

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And our beautiful ladies and gentlemen

hope you are ready for this too


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God bless you TMCites

God bless TMC

and God bless Nigeria





255 thoughts on “Learn From Your Mistakes

  1. The love of money is the root of all evil………. Mark the word “the love”. Some people like money more than their lives and that’s why they are easily trapped.

  2. Thanks TMC for enlighten us, I also fell victim of all those stupid site ooo, I was duped 4k,the site is called paypoint after I was pressing him to give me my money then he blocked me.

  3. Best platform ever.
    I have never regret joining Themainceos.
    I have learn alot from the platform, even my downlines are good some are just greedy about the money and did notleaen anything so there are not even doing it again but the once that know what there want are doing it and keep earning and learning.
    Happy money making

  4. Kudos to the enlightening from TMC, No mistakes. No sense, scammers are now taking over the trends online.may be not be a victims of them. TMC

  5. Don’t be too curious to make money. There are so many scammers out there,me I refer to them as fool. Please don’t be fooled. Let lear

  6. Making mistakes doesn’t mean that’s the end of it all but how you bounce back and never to repeat that same mistake shows how mature you are

  7. I was once added to one group like that…. people were sharing their testimony….I wasn’t even moved because I know they are all scammers working together

  8. Thanks for giving young Nigerians the opportunity to see hope and future, through this skill acquisition program. May God continue to bless the management of TMC and take you to greater heights

  9. Reflecting back on what was done wrongly, or mistakes that was made in the past will allow one to get it right, and prepare one for a better future.

  10. God bless TMC for us all.please,let us wise up.there are many scammers out there who think the best way for them to be happy is make others cry.God will judge them.

  11. The love of money is the root of all evil………. Mark the word “the love”. Some people like money more than their lives and that’s why they are easily trapped.Some mistake might lead to everlasting regret.

  12. Thanks this is what I mean by informing members, boss I appreciate for sharing it, because that person is my friend! And he is right now in a regretful manner!

  13. Whenever we fail, we should make sure we never fail again, rather we should fight harder to to make it again but to learn from it.thanks for the information. TCM still remains the best and amazing platform

  14. I almost fall into there victim,,, thanks to God I came into my senses,,,, moreover,,,any website who doesn’t leave a room for comment and brought to u a testimony is a scam,,,, KO ya Ja pa…..
    Wise up

  15. It’s true,some just come here to comment And reffer ,they haven’t attend any of the lectures for’s not good enough please let change for good..

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