LEADERSHIP: Servitude or Service?

Leadership entails the act of skillfully and willingfully taking up the responsibility of guiding, controlling, commanding, conducting, managing, influencing and taking good care of individuals who are entrusted in your hands with the sole aim of achieving a particular purpose or goals.


In Leadership, so many things comes into play; when selecting or electing a leader, there is need to look at for that person who can be committed to the work called upon to do.
Leadership takes into play some certain element of;
1. Studying your subjects.
2. Making firm policies and rules.
3. Creating a friendly environment.
4. Visionary and focused towards the work.
5. Complete devotion.
6. Building walls through teamworks.
7. Mustering ideas for now and the future.
8. Commanding respect and setting up an administrative tempo.
9. Purpose driven.
10. Mentorship etc.


Judging from what leadership tends to cover, one can rightly say that leadership tends to fashion the right steps towards building a community of mutual relationship. It can also be said of bridging the gap created by humans influence and acts.
However, it has been a sad commentaries nowadays that leadership has practically lost its grip and taste for true change and total overhauling. Leadership’s sense of selfless service has been found wanting. Slavery has become of the poor masses now as a result of no or incapacitated leadership.



Contrastingly, Even in the face of setting up a good leadership ascendency, one can really discover that the led has taken the leaders as tools of slavery and not service by condemning them to do all for them. Alas, in the leadership circle, everybody has a significant role to play. The led has theirs so as the ones we are leading. The led should know their works and the leading should equally do theirs. When, any part is found wanting, then, there will be lapses. Leadership tends to bring completeness when all hands are on deck. Synergy must be formed and maintained before goals will be achieved.
Failure to play your part absolutely turn leadership into mere servitude and not dignifying Service.
Think about it.
Credited: Mr. Oputa Chukwuebuka
Edited by: James Hilary Chukwuemeka

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  1. That’s really great, this enlightened me the more.. That’s for that wonderful information…. Themainceos is the best and perfect platform, one can be or engage in.

  2. Leadership encompasses the involvement of all..both the leader and the subordinate to achieves it objective..leader and the follower must not be rigid but flexible

  3. Waoooo…… This is so inspiring. It’s true many people did not knw the difference between a boss and a leader. As a matter of fact it’s good to be a leader not a boss ,this bring about great development of a command, company ,etc..thanks to the mainceos for this great write up. God bless

  4. Been a leader is not an easy task. Leadership is servitude because a leader must be ready to serve at all times and in any aspect. Thanks to TMC for the enlightment and write-up.

  5. Leadership is a very big task that comes with responsibilities as a leader you are meant to do the
    right things because people are looking up to you to deliver

  6. Wat a luvly update wen will talk abt leader is a person dat controls a group of people in an organization while leadership is d heads of an organization and leads others in d organization

  7. Leadership is not all about being a leader, it is one to be strong and be of good motive to achieve the best and successful tenor. The update was great ❤️. TMC4LIFE

  8. Yes none of the TMC member won’t be greatfull to this enlightenment that has been listed and notified to everyone…
    Teamwork matters alot, working together and once we all put our hands on deck I promise that we gonna reach the top! God bless you TMC AMEN

  9. Thanks TMC for this write up.We need to learn how to be good leaders in order to carry everyone along nd achieve the goal.Teamwork makes the dream isn’t easy to be a leader Sha.Bt Tnks for encouraging me

  10. this enlightened me the more.. That’s for that wonderful information…. Themainceos is the best and perfect platform, one can be or engage in.

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