I Infected Four Persons With Coronavirus – El-Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, has said that he contaminated four people in the state with Coronavirus, every one of whom have since recouped.

El-Rufai, who serves as the list case in the state, made the revelation at the 24th version of The Platform facilitated by Pastor Poju Oyemade.

The senator said Kaduna State had tried around 400 individuals and now has three testing communities.

He stated, “As I declared a few days back, we got 169 almajiris from Kano thus far 21 of them have tried positive. We hope for something else to test constructive; the spike in our numbers have to a great extent been the almajiris and others that have come in.

“We have been fruitful in shutting down our state, in lessening the traffic into our express, every case in the state has been imported.

“I was the primary case, luckily, I’d state, since it served to panic everybody about the real world. COVID is genuine, it is anything but a joke. I was the main case, I got it in Abuja and contaminated four others, we all are alright at this point.”

308 thoughts on “I Infected Four Persons With Coronavirus – El-Rufai

  1. thank God for quick recovery, i hope the other four didn’t go about spreading it as wellthank God for quick recovery again it only god that can save us no other being can do such……

  2. Special thanks to God for quick recovery ,but i hope the other four has been properly handled and medicated to avoid spreading to others.the state government should take the case seriously

  3. We thank God for your health, but your state will need to extend the lock down. Your state numbers of infected people have surpassed that of Lagos.

  4. It was so humble of him to admit that he tested positive and did infected others.
    How many of our leaders will do that rather they will hide the truth.

  5. So not nice.. Very bad
    It is well with us … Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info.

  6. Had it been he was an ordinary man on the street, he would have been arrested by now but since he is a government official, he will go Scott free. Let’s try and stay safe.

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