How To Earn At least #100,000 Monthly on TMC Vtu Business.

Hi TMCites

We will showing on what some of our members are doing and how they are making money with themainceos Vtu business and I will also be explaining  Some ways how you can earn at least 100k monthly from them themainceos.

As a member of themainceos, you have access to a lot of opportunities but how to handle it matters…

for the newbies.

Are you about starting up a business with little capital that can bring you profits in a short while? Ever heard of VTU (Virtual Top-Up) Business? With very little investments, you can start your Virtual Top Up business and generate steady income by offering services like Airtime Recharge, Data Bundles, Utility Bills like Electricity bills, and Cable subscriptions.

we all know that data is a must for people to buy, some people might be hungry but they rather use the last card with them to subscribe means that, we can’t do without it.

before you can start the VTU business

What you will need

  • Banner
  • PC or Android device.
  • Mobile Banking App or Debit Card (ATM card)
  • And register on


Once you get that ready!

how can you start making money ?

1, As a free membership.

just do your registration via

that what you will get after registration

once you are done with the registration…

fund your wallet with any amount .

how can you fund wallet ?
it’s in 3 ways

1) using debit card

Click on deposit

put the amount you want to use to start up your business, it can be 5k or even 3k..

then click on interswitching the pay


2) using bank transfer 

Incase you can’t do online transaction

you can do online Transfer.

How ?

Click on deposit money

choose direct transfer and you will be given a account number to pay in to with your registered phone number.

Note, everyone with different account number please!

lastly, if you can’t do that or scarred of that..

just chat send your money for funding here

Vtu funding automatic
Those that have issue with funding wallet on themainceosvtu
Send your fund here

idia bola yusuff
First bank
And forward your payment proof and your phone number used on your Vtu account please..

Whatapps number +234 803 573 2426

You can use that methods Incase you are running away from bank charges or network.

once your pay in, chat them on Whatapps with your payment proof and within 5 minutes your wallet will be credited.



Don’t forget you have access to

To check your data balance
MTN >> *461*4# (SME)
MTN >> *461*4# (direct)
Etisalat >> *228#
GLO >> *127*0#
AirTel >> *140#

how to make gain

Let start with data gain

for example MTN, from the site 1GB is #330  And from bank is #1000

Can you see the different ?

check how much we see 2GB is #670 from and from bank is #1200

are you seeing something??

As a new person on the business, don’t run away profits for now but after numbers, means that make sure you get people attention with your price, for example, you can start selling your own MTN 1GB  #400, means that you are gaining at least #70 per transaction  and remember you have a lot that will buy data from you not only mtn but other number and nepa bills.

Just imagine you sold for 10 people in a day and u earn commission of 1 to 2k daily, wait oh , for 30 days is how much ??? That 30k dear … and so on

Another way you can make money from Themainceosvtu is that

tell your friends and family that you can teach them on how to make money from Vtu and earn at 30k monthly and they will ask you how ?
tell them to join themainceos with #1600 and you register them and get your referral bonus which is #1020,imagine you tell almost 20 people in a month and you explain to them,remember when they join themainceos, they will not only make money from Vtu but from other sources.

imagine you tell almost 20 people, that is almost 20k in a month and add it with the profits you made from selling data , there is no how you will not make at 80k to 100k in a month dear….

what are you now waiting for ???
do something and start from somewhere.

incase you need a website like where people will be buying data direct from your website and your will just be making money while sleeping chat this number up 08175059392 the total package is #25,000.. we make sure everything easy for you .

if you don’t have that now , just focus on what I explained on how to make money and keep earning then move to own your own website.

happy money making CEO’S

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  1. This a good source of making money especially during this period of lockdown may God continue to bless this platform for this Kind of great initiative

  2. Whaoooooooo, this is a great opportunity. Initially I was thinking if I don’t have a huge capital I can’t start the VTU business, but with this explanation,I am good to go. Thanks TMC

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