How People Are Earning From Themainceos

Good morning TMCites

how are you doing ??
A lot of people are been doing registration daily and referring there friends and family…

a lot of members are cashing now this week, what are you waiting for ??
Remember activities points is just a bonus for members, if you are a new member read this   

How can you make money again

1) using your activities points

you can register your friends and friends using your activities points and keep the registration fees in your pocket…

it’s not cool, how ??

Click here to learn more about how to use your points to register someone 

2) making money from our services

just pick anyone of our services and advertise to anyone, immediately they are interested. Register them and let them join the telegram group chat and we handle the rest..

we are here working for you and we are trying to make you make money in all means

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3)  making money from our business most especially from data (VTU) business, Estate Business, clothing and co

everyone make sure you all register on our e commerce website via  and people has started selling now…


how can you earn from Vtu and plain tees ??
click here  

4) from our competition


Entertainment competition is going on and business competition coming up soon ..

make sure you join the Facebook group chat and start inviting your friends and friends..

The business competition coming up soon is about what you can start with so so amount.. of your presentation is strong !

smile, you are good to go, so Start preparing..

Join the group chat here  


5) using those skills we taught you..

for example

we gave you materials  on how to run Facebook advert, how to Do phone graphics design , video jingle, mini importation  and so on

why don’t you organize a class and start teaching people??
you don’t want to do anything??

What are you waiting for ??

monthly bonus ?? It might not even reach you..

so start hustling now , do something before something do you..



6) Program currently going on  and viral share



Before I talk about program, let me talk about the viral share..

viral share is compulsory for members and it help members to get referral..

most people cashing out weekly most of them get referral from viral share..


Can you see..

see how people are doing registration


VIRLA Share earn you money not me!!!!


or keep share VIRLA share


about the program..

for example

this month of July we are into

And this is coming up


Why don’t you tell your friends and friends about it and make money for your self..


we taught you Facebook ads and Whatapps marketing, why don’t you make use of that ???


People using Facebook ads are making money like this


You can make money from different way..

Start doing something before something do you ..

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  1. Indeed! Everyone that are yet to do something needs to start doing something b4 something we do them.
    I’m so grateful to God for this platform.

  2. Hmmm , for I don’t know about this things all this while, so I have to buckle up, so to help and grow myself, for this is very interesting.
    Thanks so much TMC.

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