How It Works


The Main CEO's income program provides its members with earning opportunities through our affiliate compensation plan and also provides learning benefits through our skill acquisition trainings. As a member of The Main CEOs one is entitled to amazing opportunities as we always keep our members informed at all times, basically we expect members to take this advantage our various programs to do something meaningful with their lives and also invite all your family, friends, Facebook friends, Instagram followers, WhatsApp contact and start earning from your online presence rather than wasting precious time online without earning from your daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions..


Anyone that needs money to settle daily expenses and those who are CEO or wish to be a CEO can take part in TMC empowerment and income program. It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduate, Corp Members, Job Seekers, Business persons, Bloggers, Single Mothers, Housewives, or anyone who wish to earn money online legitimately.

Hint: If you are a student, getting involved with the TMC Income program is a beautiful decision as an affiliate member, a distributor or TMC Real Estate agent because there are a lot of students like you on campus who need cash daily. The economy is not friendly at all, we all know what is going on considering the country's economy now. But with our collective effort, God will help us.

Employers no longer hire full-time employee and some are busy sacking their employees all because of the advancement in the technology world.

Becoming an affiliate marketer and get involved in earning opportunities online is the best option for you. As an affiliate marketer, you can get capital, start that business idea(s) and be the CEO of your life or dream.

Note: Keep your mind away from Internet Fraud or Cyber Fraud (Yahoo Yahoo), there are lots of ways to make money online which we will be explaining and one of them is affiliate marketing business

So stay away from SCAM PLEASE.


Becoming a member can be done using the following procedures:

I. Select any of the available plans

II. Click on the register button.

III. Fill in each field with the appropriate details

IV. Contact one the coupon vendors to get a coupon code CLICK HERE FOR CODE or Make payment using your card.

V. Then login with email or username and password.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your account. Welcome on board CEO!

kindly join the telegram group chat and the mentorship class on your dashboard for daily training.

Remember it’s not about CERTIFICATE it’s about SABIFICATE 


1) Daily login 50 points

kindly login Daily to check the latest update and more event coming up 

i. Share a VIRAL POST Daily 100 points.

this is a must for all TMCites.. as a member of TheMainCEOs 

you must share viral share so that people on your contacts , Facebook list and co can see what TheMainCEOs is all about, by then , they will chat you up for registration.

immediately you  registry them, remember that you will earn commission to cash out by weekend when you successful register them.😋😋

Ii) comment 5 points

You can drop comment if it’s necessary.

2. Invite your FRIENDS AND FAMILY. depends on the package 

This is very easy and simple , tell them about TheMainCEOs and the reason why they need to learn while earning but Government can’t do it all. Immediately they register under you , you get paid for it immediately.


this is a must for all members of TheMainCEOs most especially students or aspirants…

learn skills and learn how to render services to people to make money ..

The only way you can make money online  in this our generation now is 

I) Afililating/networking 

ii) connecting people to each other and make money 

iii) selling products, information and ideas  

iv) rendering services  and TheMainCEOs have that all 

Any other from this , my family .. it’s Scam 

4) Connection 

yes .. we have a lot of services you can render to people and make money ..

For example 

just imagine someone need a website for his or her business or someone want to promote his or her business on social media, you can refer them

to us and you get commission.

Another one that hot right now , people need to register theirs busines under CAC and a lot of TMCites are cashing out for helping people to do that ..

check here for more information 


Yes… we told you , as you are learning to become CEO , you are earning and getting paid weekly.


Yes , there are a lot jobs you can do to be making as an aspirants , students , graduate or single mother 

1) Offer Coaching Service

yes, since we are teaching you a lot of skills  daily, weekly and monthly .

you can become a coach in any of those skills we are teaching you to make money 

for example 

Remember we taught you mini importation, social media advertising, graphic design and co

You can choose one , learn it well and be earning from it by teaching people

just imagine you learnt how to import and you decided to teach people and just imagine you run advertise or you post on your status about it and 10 people decided to learn how to import from China from you and you charge them #3000 each in 10 places that #30,000

Do you think what I’m thinking 🤔 

you can use that to pay your school fee 

2) you can be an affiliate marketer in any of TheMainCEOs services 

You can tell people around you about TheMainCEOs and let them understand what they will benefit from 

who don’t want to make money and be a CEO ????

just imagine 30 people decided to join TheMainCEOs Through you and They register with 3000 and you will have commission of 1500 each ..

That #45000

ha !!!!

A lot you can affiliate a lot from TheMainCEOs and earn  click to see more

3) you can be social media manager/ advertiser 

As a students and you are a social media manager, remember we taught you this and if you are a new member , just join us and join the class , you will see all the courses there and we going to mentor you.

a professional social media manager collecting average of #200,000 to 400,000 in a month 

just imagine you are still a learner and you have 5 clients you are managing a their pages for and they are paying you at least #20,000 or let even say #10,000 monthly in 5 place 

that is #100, 000 ha ha !!!!!

they don’t need to send you money from home as a students  🤣🤣🤣

4) you can earn as websites or graphic  designer 

now, remember we taught you websites and graphic design.

just imagine you have a contract of building business website and you charge them #100’ 000 and you earn almost #50,000 commissions 

Wait it’s not money ?? 

Incase you can’t build the website, you can be the contract to TheMainCEOs and we help you to run it and get the commission.

we have a lot of here you can use to earn from TheMainCEOs and remember you get paid weekly from TheMainCEOs.

click here to learn more jobs you can do to earn 


Note: Kindly use the affiliate link of anyone that referred you, if you have one but if you do not have then you can proceed with registration process.

Happy Money Making!!!