“F*ck your broke man mentality, Igbo girls Dey hustle die” – Actress Onyii Alex replies comedian Funnybone

Soon after mainstream Nigerian humorist, Funnybone opined on an Instagram live meeting that Igbo young ladies have the mentality that “being lovely will draw in rich men to wed them”, Igbo on-screen character, Onyii Alex has answered the entertainer.

Stanley Chibuna, better known by his stage name, Funnybone, had said that a normal Igbo young lady feels her excellence is the thing that draws in rich men to her.

During an Instagram live meeting, the honor winning humorist cum entertainer, said this mentality has been implanted in an Igbo young lady’s head from a youthful age and they tail it up as they develop.

He stated,

“From youth she’s been trained that all she need do is grow up, you are a fine young lady, a rich man will come and wed you. That is the normal Igbo young lady attitude. I am Igbo, you know, am stating this with no expression of remorse to anyone here who is Igbo. Am being straightforward, the normal Nigerian Igbo young lady, normal, the attitude is am a fine young lady.”



Onyii Alex has now countered the comic’s platitude as she says Igbo young ladies are tricksters and individuals ought to get rid of “broke man attitude”.

She composed on her page,

Since this pandemic men just Dey use young ladies Dey trendeven the wedded men Biko who no like better thing? In any case, one thing I’m certain of is that Igbo young ladies Dey hustle die.,Dey know where Dey r coming from.. Disregard online life oo! Whoop to all my Igbo sisters that don’t hang tight for any man..An normal Igbo young lady is inserted with magnificence and a solid hustle soul we gained from our mothersF**k that broke men mindset igboGirls are hypersensitive to destitution #ProudlyIGbo#IgboAmakA#

160 thoughts on ““F*ck your broke man mentality, Igbo girls Dey hustle die” – Actress Onyii Alex replies comedian Funnybone

  1. I’m speechless though cus compared to what’s going on you’d find some igbo girl who can hustle and some that can’t they love to depend on people

    1. Igbo girls are the best .they know what to to food food in their mouth and also on the table .I will always respect Igbo women because of my mother dispite she lost her husband very early she never depended on any man on had to start sleeping around she worked hard and raised her children so with all those attributes my mother displayed m certain Igbo gals are really hardworking

  2. Na real wa o
    It is well with us … Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info.

  3. Ladies surely knows how to defend themselves, but I believe funnybone knows what is saying since his also an ibo . Anyway, recently ibo girls have began to make adjustment in that regard.

  4. I was expecting a reply initially, my own is any Lady who depends on a man to live is a walking dead. And any man who restrict his woman to support him is not doing well.

  5. Abi jare my sister it was said down already what man can do a woman can do more better than that if woman have 2 hands and 2 legs there shouldn’t be an mind of laziness

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